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Jane Austen: Personal Life And Works

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Jane Austen’s novels are very well rounded they usually surround one theme and are fairly predictable but they are so good at pulling in the reader. All of her novels have a deeper meaning that they portray that usually tie into her life.

Jane Austen, Born on December 16, 1775, was the seventh born of eight children born to George Austen and Cassandra Austen. The Austen family lived in Steventon, which is a small Hampshire town in south-central England. The Austen family were a very loving and spiritual family that often read novels together and put on home theatricals. Jane’s father was a very well-respected figure in their community. Not only was Jane’s father, George Austen, a minister in their small Hampshire town but he served as the Oxford-educated clergyman for a nearby Anglican parish. As Jane was growing up he made sure that the environment they grew up in contained stressed learning and creative thinking. Her father always ensured they loved reading the way he did by having them read from his substantial book collections. Soon after, Jane and her favorite sister Cassandra were sent to boarding school by their father to gain a more formal education. After school Jane spent much of her early adulthood helping manage the household, learning and playing piano, attending church, and socializing with neighbors. Her evenings and weekends often involved dancing at French balls, and as a result, she became an skillful dancer. Every other night, she would choose a book from her father’s library and read it to her family aloud, occasionally the books she read were ones that she had written herself.

Ever fascinated by the world of stories, Jane began to write in bound notebooks. Austen wrote her first three novels Northanger Abbey (originally titled Susan), Sense and Sensibility, and Pride and Prejudice. Soon after she started to craft her novel Love and Friendship, a imitation of romantic fiction organized as a series of love letters. In her early writing, Austen began to define the limits of her fictional world. From the first, there was a steady prominent character as she consciously restricted her subject matter to a sphere made up of a few families of relatives with their friends and acquaintances. She was very specific on what she wrote about. In her books, there is almost no connection between the upper-middle class and the strata below or above it. Her fictional characters typically lived in a world where they were middle-class country people living in the early nineteenth-century Britain. The setting maneuvers the thought and action of marriage.

In 1800, Austen’s father decided to retire and move the family to Bath, a sea resort. When moving from the place she loved so dearly she was having a difficult time. Jane’s family lived in several different places until 1809 when Mr. Austen died from a short illness. During that period of nine years, Austen did not write. Jane, her mother and sister moved from place to place, living with different family members and rented flats along the way. Austen and her mother and sister moved to Chawton, a country town where Austen’s brother lent the sisters a house he owned. Soon after settling she was able to pursue her passion of writing again, she wrote Mansfield park, Emma, and Persuasion.

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In persuasion Jane writes about a woman by the name of Anna Elliot. Anna is exactly like all of the people Jane writes about. She is a middle class citizen living in the country with her family. Which is fairly similar to Jane’s life. Anne lives with her widow father and two “evil’ sisters. She is in a relationship with a man by the name of Frederick Wentworth, Frederick Wentworth is a captain. Frederick Wentworth is the one that Anne has been looking for all her life he is everything she wants in a man. Her and Frederick quickly became engaged until she had to break of the marriage because of the constant disapproval from her family and friends about her relationship. Frederick then is stationed again and Anne moves in with her sister Mary at Uppercross Cottage. During her stay she is greeted with the presence of her once fiancee, Frederick, but this time it seems like the sisters Henrietta and Louisa are having a connection with Frederick. He soon proposes a trip for the two sisters to go to Lyme with him to see his friends and offers Anne to go with. While there a few good looking men notice Anne; at this point of the story she is convinced that Frederick has lost all love for her. When they get back to bath Henrietta and Louisa find their perfect match and end up getting married. Anne is overjoyed that Frederick is not tied down. When Frederick gets back to Bath he is a richer man than he was eight years ago. Not only does he come back richer but he comes back jealous. He is convinced that Anne is attached to her cousin so, he writes Anne a letter confessing his everlasting love for her.they then get back together with the intention of getting married, for good this time.

In becoming Jane, Jane Austen writes a story about her meeting her former husband by the name of Thomas Lefroy. When Jane was about twenty Tom, a young irishman, came over from the city to stay with his uncle in the country, he was a student lawyer. During his time there he immediately met Jane but their relationship started of mostly negative. Jane did not, in fact, care for Tom when they first meet, and pronounces him most disagreeable. Once she has overcome her prejudice she has triumphed over his pride. After a while Jane and Tom started to catch feelings for each other eventually they fall violently for each other and even plan to get married. I wouldn’t be ruining the story if I told you that eventually things don’t work out in the end.

Jane Austen’s life resembles her novels. At first glance they seem to be composed of a series of quiet, unexceptional events. Austen’s second brush with marriage occurred at age twenty-seven, when the wealthy Harris Bigg-Wither proposed and Austen accepted. The next morning, however, Austen changed her mind, giving up the wealth and security inherent in such a match because she did not love him.

Austen lived the last eight years of her life in Chawton. Her personal life continued to be limited to family and close friends, and she prized herself on being a warm and loving aunt as much as being a successful novelist. In 1816, at the age of 41, Jane started to become ill with what seemed to be Addison’s disease. Even as sick as she was she continued to put up a great effort to continue work as normal. Eventually her condition worsened and she ceased writing. Jane Austen passed away in 1817.

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