Jane Eyre Searches for Independence

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In the novel “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte Jane searches for independence. Charlotte Bronte, a popular British author wrote during the Victorian Era. She’s best known for this book “Jane Eyre” which deals with a young woman’s search for identify.

Jane Eyre, who is the main character, plays a huge role in finding inner peace and independence. She develops as a character after each obstacle she encounters. Growing up in a middle-class family Jane was born in a modest lifestyle. (Wyatt 81). Jane attended Cowan Bridge School where she learned early child-hood education. Cowan Bridge was a cluster of some six or seven cottages gathered together. “Mr. Bronte decided to educate his children after the deaths of his wife and kids. This connects to the big idea because even though she went through many hard times and felt like giving up she still remained to keep herself strong and independent. Jane never really had a family since her mother died and two elder sisters Maria and Elizabeth whom died of tuberculosis which after she never had family to be supportive. Jane is able to resist many people due to her developing a healthy sense of self-worth has risen above the treatment she’s gotten as a child. Another character who is introduced in the book Rochester who is Jane’s lover. Her and Rochester tries to find happiness through being a couple who is both expressing and identifying themselves.

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Jane and Rochester’s relationship is dominated by visual exchanges often followed by verbal exchanges. (Bellis 51). She loved Rochester but she also wanted to still be able to do things for herself. In many ways Jane had a sense of character, situations and dramatic arcs. (Locke 107) She has a power to where she doesn’t show others all the situations she’s been put through since early childhood. Jane is a symbol of nature “Jane tends to deprive from an implied author’s vision of a natural world” (Maynard 97). This quote is explaining how she is a symbol of nature and a beautiful individual inside and out who loves life for what it gives. In order for Jane to really break out her shell from being so emotional due to her past she must break out these restrictive barriers and find love and independence and balance the time to think and feel.

Jane stretches the boundary for a woman’s role in society as the concept freedom. (Wyatt 81) and this quote is referring to her striving to find a balance between love, and independence. Jane exerts powerful attractions on female readers (Wyatt 81) saying that as females we shouldn’t have to depend on anybody to get what we desire. Bronte’s purpose was to show that Jane has the essential wits and intelligence to purse her dreams by working hard in school. Education was a very important aspect of her life because it defines that her education was strict based and her family was very determined to make sure they had the best in education. The school that she attended in her early childhood was known as Cowan Bridge School. (Locke 107) and it was running by Rev. Wilson who was head of the school. It was hard for him to run the school due to him having other arrangements upon himself. He was good at being the head administrator but wasn’t really good for being responsible, judging them by, and being in control. The conditions of the school described in the book was known as old cottages that had many damages done.

In this novel, independence is the keynote about jane’s life because it’s so much more than her own thoughts. She experiences personal identify and self-esteem. Jane and Rochester confessed their love for each other. (Ryan 107) but earlier in their relationship he tried to attempt to overwhelm her with many of his smart gimmicks and Jane fell into his bliss and him viewing her as a dependable object like she can always be able to have him around. Jane seeks out Rochester and learns that he has another wife. Rochester’s wife was named Bertha Mason. (Ryan 107) Rochester lost his dominant vision and Jane must provide vision for him to better himself. Jane and Rochester went through many rough patches in their relationship but they loved each other too much to let each other go.

Jane and her lover are embodied in a conflict between two different modes of vision. They have the same thoughts and inner peace but they are totally two different individuals. In this novel Independence means self-expression and jane tried to express that to others as much as possible. Bronté redefines it as a position of both visual and narrative authority. (Bellis 48). And in the exact quote its stating that within the book she tries to teach the value to readers about expressing and identifying themselves as a person and she redefines it as a position of both visual and narrative authority. In fact, Jane Eyre is rich in fantasies addressed to the frustrations of growing up female in a white middle-class family. (Wyatt 80) and this is saying that Jane was very heartfelt in her childhood years she was very well protected and they wanted best for but also, she treated and was living in a modest lifestyle due to growing up with not much depend on and family who really wasn’t there. Bronte strength as a novelist is also described in the book to portray her details of the inner struggles of women who are capable of feeling empowered. Charlotte didn’t have a sense of women’s rights but her writing she speaks out strongly against the injustices suffered by women in society that restricts their freedom of action and exploits their dependent status. Also seen in the love story Jane questions and the problem coalesce. Jane initially wins the love of Rochester through her own fearless sense of equality. But Jane finally realizes her value after learning from her mistakes and lessons taught through many different things. And this book shows symbolism to show her search for identify.

In conclusion, the book “Jane Eyre” summarizes everything about Jane Eyre’s personal life and how she searches for her identity. Throughout Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte addresses the topic of women’s search for independence through her use of conflict, characterization, and symbol. This book is really important because it explains self-dependence from a woman born in a middle-class family and how to survive after having a rough life dealing with one of her lovers who she really loved but, that teaches us a lesson to have self-love and value time for yourself and to find peace within you. “Janes affirmation of interdependence rather than of autonomy helps to explain the genuineness of her acceptance of Rochester” (Pell 77) stating that she fell for Rochester but doesn’t want to depend on him for anything and this book really open readers eyes to show that feelings can overtake you and you won’t even realize it. And from this novel I learned self-love is the best love

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