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Legalization Of Drugs For An Economic Growth

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What if I told you that millions of job possibilities and A boom in the economy is all possible and could be fully Implemented within the next five years? A controversial topic in society about the legalization of all controlled substances for an economic growth. The legalization of all controlled substances would positively boost our economy, open our freedoms, expand research and knowledge to our community and aid in our legal system for people who have sentences for non-violent drug charges. Studies show that people who are charged and sent to seek help for their non-violent drug charges improve versus the people who are incarcerated. This paper will include five different trustworthy sources explaining the positive impact this change would make in society.

Going more into depth on the legalization of controlled substances for an economic boost for thousands of years illegal drugs were not restricted and legally sold to their people and their use was not frowned upon. In the early 20th century the prohibition acts around the world came into play banning the use, sale, and possession of a vast amount of substances. A better use of our tax paying could go to treating drugs as a health benefit, this would help countries develop and help increase the study to medicalize these substances to their fullest extent. The general US spending for drug prohibition is $40 billion every year on drug prohibition and that’s just the outside cost. Not including perpetual poverty in society and at home, otherwise productive citizens incarcerated, and increased violence. Nobel Prize winning economist Gary Becker states that “ Drug prohibition increases addiction because it makes users reluctant to seek out treatment”. Prohibition of drugs is not effective at exterminating their use. As the global drug trade continues to thrive, developing countries are negatively affected the most with violent crimes against others and themselves.

The controlled substance act prohibits the unauthorized possession of drugs that the D.E.A. has determined to be “dangerous” and “habit forming” or inappropriate of use without a prescription. The controlled substance act has a lot of flaws in its system, even states have enacted their own schedules in determining the level and legality a substance holds. Where in some states the use of medical and recreational use is legal and in others possession and use is a misdemeanor depending on the charge. Consider a case in which the defendant is caught giving marijuana to a colleague. A prosecutor could potentially charge the case as simple possession, possession with intent to distribute, delivery, trafficking, conspiracy to commit trafficking, and so on. Prisons in the United States are so overall crowded that government data shows a significantly large number of that population is incarcerated for non-violent drug offences. Incarceration rates exceed the status quo for support from government that other options are available to first offence citizens besides going to jail especially if they accept a voluntary plea bargain in court. If you are facing criminal prosecution for a controlled substance violation, it is critical to seek an attorney and refrain from talking with law enforcement. The law provides you with strong protections,but you need an experienced attorney to guide you.

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The education of drugs their positive and negative effects to the human body need to be properly distributed to our youth in their early educational years. The well known “D.A.R.E” program is highly flawed and actually increased the rate of drug use. A peer-reviewed, six year study of D.A.R.E. from 1989 to 1996 showed that suburban students who participated in D.A.R.E. reported a 3%-5% higher rate of substance use than suburban students who did not participate. Another survey of D.A.R.E. by the California Department of Education found that 40% of students told researchers they were ‘not at all’ influenced by D.A.R.E., and nearly 70% reported neutral to negative feelings about those leading the program. 33% of middle school students and 90% of high school students reported ‘negative’ or ‘indifferent’ feelings towards D.A.R.E. Students reported that the D.A.R.E. message is used to often and creates a natural ignorance for that message. These students need to be educated properly about its possible medical benefits along with its potential negative effects and reason for age restrictions.

An article “would legalizing illicit opioids reduce overdose fatalities” presents an abstract understanding of how the legalization of illicit opioids would allow for medical scientists to measure and dose purer form. This would hevely decrease the negative effects along with lowering the possibility to overdose on this substance along with the legalization of other illegal substances. A part of this article states “it is theoretically possible that if all heroin users were treated in highly supervised treatment programmes this would result in a major fall in mortality, if all doses were consumed in the supervised treatment setting with post-dose observation. The likelihood of such a treatment provision is minimal. In the community setting” this states that this kind of research is considered “immoral” or in other words not socially accepted by society but is still posibile. Drug purity and drug impurity is the biggest cause of drug overdose.

Finally the harms associated with illegal substances, although drugs in the present and in the future could potentially become less of a threat on our bodies. It has its downsides such as negative health benefits that include; long-term risks , short term, risk of physical and psychological dependence, risk to society, and risk of bingeing. The leading least beneficial most harmful substance is tobacco surprisingly, Journal of Psychopharmacology (Oxford, England) states “Tobacco was consistently ranked in the bottom three drugs in terms of benefits, with the exception of relieving anxiety/ depression or feeling more relaxed/ relieving stress. Whilst tobacco was ranked seventh in overall harms, this drug was unsurprisingly associated with high long-term physical risk and risk of reliance. Tobacco had the highest proportion of likely dependent users as classified by the CAGE.” the legalization of this product above other more beneficial substances does not make sense to society surprising the second least beneficial most harmful is amphetamines and alcohol. Another statement made by the journal of Psychotherapy “Amphetamines and alcohol were rated to be of medium benefit. Both were rated as drugs with high risk of bingeing and craving, but amphetamines scored highly on benefits of stimulant effects such as waking up/ having more energy, changing the appearance of the body and were ranked as the most beneficial drugs in terms of improving attention, memory and concentration. Alcohol was thought to be highly beneficial for sociability. It was ranked fifth in terms of harms, with particularly high risk to society and risk of bingeing.” this stating that the two most used legal substances are the least beneficial to most harmful on the market.

Understanding the possibilities of different leagalizations and for what reasons is a great way to keep educated on the current production and distribution of legal and illegal substances. The legalization of all controlled substances would positively boost our economy, open our freedoms, expand research and knowledge to our community and aid in our legal system for people who have sentenced for non-violent drug charges. Our nation firmly believes our future holds many unknown secrets to success let further education in our medical and recreational use of controlled substances, advance us to make society a more knowledgeable, safer and profitable place for us and our future generations.

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