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Malala Yousafzai: Fresh Face of Youth

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From ancient times till today womankind is the pillar behind all minor and major contributions to nearly every positive change around us. However, hardly females were appreciated and gave their deserving position in society. Women were always considered secondary to men in nearly every sphere. Past times had victimized that harshest behavior against feminine, where their development graph was constantly declining. So, to fight against those who dominated women number of voices was raised. Many souls came and went, but few left their footprints in our mind and heart by their deeds. Such deeds which create new pathways for the existing and coming generations. These people who spoke out for the sake of humanity are well renowned till ages. Some of them are found in papers, about some we hear from others, or sometimes lucky enough to live in the same era with those personalities. One such personality who is highlight of my research essay is Malala Yousafzai. She is seen as a leader for feminism in present world, who herself faced many odds for her own life but is now gutful to encounter anything for the sake of women empowerment.

Malala Yousafzai was born on July 12, 1997, in Pakistan. Popularly known as the girl that stood up for education and female rights in whole world. She is an advocate from Pakistan who is the world’s youngest girl to win Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 17. She then majorly made herself an advocate for women only always her main ambition was to bring women at top no matter whatever huddles she had to cross, she continued to highlight women rights as primary. She spoke against Taliban to demand women education because of her demands, she was often threatened by Taliban but still did not back off. Due to her continuous demands in support of feminist development she was shot in head by a Taliban gunman in 2012 but with God’s grace she survived. Opponents thought attacks would frighten her; instead, she came out as a bright star after her treatment. True urge for a good cause, finds its way through all the huddles. Likewise, in case of Malala she was attacked to lower down her spirit but it could not stop her from her mission of women equality. After treatment due to the headshot by Taliban, Malala recovered and came back with a new spirit of passion for women support.

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On her 16th birthday, July 12, 2013, Malala delivered speech at the United Nations Youth Assembly, where she aimed at topic of women rights and education. ‘Today I am focusing on women’s rights and girls’ education because they are suffering the most’ (Yousafzai, pg266-267). Everyone observes but there are few who speak up, Malala has been focusing on women growth from long time. So, her topic of discussion at UN was women equality, she said when men and women are born equal by God then who we humans are to discriminate among them? Nobody has the freedom to judge the other one on the basis of their gender. Just because women do not speak up for themselves does not mean they are weak.

Malala, who always foresighted for a better world for girls, actually get her motivation from those girls themselves. She wanted them to know their worth that they are no less than others and taught them how to establish their own empire. In an interview on her new picture book named ‘The sketches of liberty’, she revealed that most of her motivation to fight for women comes from the women she sees around herself. ‘Most often girls I meet, their stories are so inspiring that I don’t have to encourage them they know the importance of education. They inspire me to continue to fight for them’ (Yousafzai, 2017). According to her today’s girl is wise enough to know how significant it is to be educated in these days, all they need to know is how to stand up for their own self.

She is truly an idol for entire world and especially for woman to whom she taught to be self-dependant and to show their women power. Education is the key to success and girls definitely need this key to prove their selves. To sum up Malala’s contributions towards the women development in modern world, I would that say she is a true inspiration to millions. Especially the new generation got a lot to learn from her which will motivate them to be out for their own sake and stand against any situation which tries to dominate them. World will remember Malala for long time for her bravery and deeds for the betterment of society majorly women. Born equally, live equally, demand equally; this should be criteria for all the women who feel or are made to feel like they are secondary to men.


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