Management of Grief Versus Interpreter of Maladies: Comparative Essay

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The customs and or culture in North America is somewhat different from the one practiced in India. The characters among both stories “Management of Grief” and “Interpreter of Maladies” are from an Indian background. Both North Americans and Indians have each their own different sets of practices and values amongst them. Many individuals come to North America “New World” and are exposed to a vast number of freedoms. The manner in which a person practices their freedom can vary, for in North America we have equal rights from everyone male and female. India the “Old World” have a more preserved form of being, for they value respect in marriage much more and bring with a partner than individuality.

The individuals in North America do not have the same values in marriage as those from the Old World. In the New World they do not feel like they are entitled to have to be married with somebody because of the independence that they have for themselves. The least attractive value that a North American has is that at times marriage is not taken to such a high regard as it once was. Marriage is of respect and the manner in which Mrs.Das is fascinated by Mr. Kapasi is in a perhaps inappropriate manner. On the other hand, North Americans do have the ability to express themselves as they see fit. Women do not have to stay quiet towards their husbands, for a woman has the ability to utilize their opinion in matters.

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In the story “The Management of Grief” Shailia is grieving because her husband and children have passed away. The reason for their passing was because there was a terrorist attack in the plane in which a bomb took place in that caused the plane to brake in half. Additionally, Shailia has a deep regret of not having the ability to tell her husband that she loved him, for she “…was too much the well brought up woman…” (Mukherjee 480). The ability to express affection to your partner conveys that the love that one has is “fake” according to Kusum. In the Old World in marriage it is perhaps difficult to fully express the affection that they have for somebody because of their views of love. That saying it is not necessary because the partner already is knowledgeable of the love they have. In North America there are a vast number of individuals who express how they feel about situations because they have the freedom to express how they feel about certain situations or people. North Americans express the affection that they have for their partners. Within an Indian marriage respect is a big factor, it is important for women to not assert their husbands by their first name. Women perhaps have a large degree of respect for their husbands that they do not refer to them on first name bases. “We were well brought up women…dutiful wives who kept our heads veiled, our voices shy and sweet” (Mukherjee 485). For instance, the manner in which Mr. and Mrs. Das would talk to each other with such a free form although from Indian backgrounds they were born and raised in North America. Mr. and Mrs. Das would refer to each other by their first names and they speak to each other in such a free manner. Mrs. Das even rejected her husband when he wanted to take a picture and at times expressed the manner in which she was bothered and expressed fully her emotion. One example, is perhaps the sarcasm Mrs.Das used towards Mr.Das “Why do you do this, Raj, just to save a few stupid rupee. what are you saving us, fifty cents…” (Lahiri 496). Furthermore, the value of marriage in North America is not as high as the one practice amongst the Indian customs. It is important for a male and a woman to be together until they are widowed and even if they are widowed there are arranged once more for another marriage. Marriage is important value that is upheld. Especially if a male is widowed, they need to have an arranged marriage in order to look after another woman.

North Americans are independent one example is the manner in which Mrs.Das left her husband’s side, for she did not want to explore the hills at Udayagiri and Khandagiri. Freedom of expression amongst communication is a large factor among the way that Mr. and Mrs. Das conversate. There was an instance when Mrs.Das made a remark rather than staying quiet she expressed that it was too hot and that they were missing Air conditioning. The way that women dress is vastly different as well opposed to what the Indian custom in North America girls have in “Interpreter of Maladies”, for in the story “Management of Grief” “…shopping for tight sweaters…” is not looked as appropriate attire (Mukherjee 480). Whereas in “Interpreter of Maladies” women do show their skin, for they are not as preserved as it may seem. Mr. Kapasi notices this through the various women he has given a tour in the past. Cheating is something that is not done in “Management of Grief”, North Americans value marriage much more than in “Interpreter of Maladies”. For instance, once their partner has passed away in “Management of Grief”, they immediately are arranged for an arranged marriage. However the values of marriage amongst the story “Interpreter of Maladies” is different from those of the values of marriage of Mr.Kapasi’s and Mrs.Das’s. They seem to be paying attention to each other a lot. Mr. Kapasi even found “Her sudden interest in him … mildly intoxicating” ( Lahari 499). They do not respect that they are married, and they do not have the same values of marriage as the non-North Americans.

Therefore, the “Management of Grief” and “Interpreter of Maladies” convey North America as a free country that grants more freedom to individuals. North Americans do you have a set of entitlements of their speech and it is not necessary for a woman to be having to comply to her husband or needing to not express how they feel.

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