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The Importance Of Communication In A Temporary Matter And Interpreter Of Maladies

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For a relationship to be successful it depends on how you communicate. The importance of communication in a relationship is too share your concerns, thoughts, and to support each other through times. It also allows us to get our life’s together and makes better decisions with in each other. Communication is effective based on how we do things such as when we talk, we listen and our different body languages that we use. In this book the short stories such as “Temporary of Matter” and “Interpreter of Maladies” shows that the main problem between the couples were the lack of communication that took place. In these stories it shows that this led to unhappiness within each other.

A misunderstanding they had in both relationships is that they failed to realize how much you need to understand your significant other needs and wants. The character in this story which is named Lahiri is too busy worrying about the relationship problems and not worrying about what her significant other is facing on his own. The way she tells this story is with a calm and genuine tone. She writes the story to point out the emotions of other and the flaws that is obvious to see. As throughout the stories the tones keep changing, we seem to understand that Shukumar and Shoba’s relationship went from being happy to weird. Which leads to the final tragedy they have by the candlelight before they went their separate ways.

In the story “A Temporary Matter” the relationship between Shukumar and Shoba seems to fall apart day by day but goes downhill fast when she has a stillborn baby. The love that they had and felt once before wasn’t there anymore and the memories haunted Shukmar every day. The first night of the black out Shukmar hoped to bring back the feeling they had before so he made dinner for Shoba. Sitting in the dark they decided to tell confessions to each other that they been hiding and noticed that they were confirming their relationship wasn’t working out anymore.

The title means more then it’s says “A Temporary matter” represents not just their relationship but also the blackout. Even though we see that the black out was only for a limited amount of time it also brought them together for that time. As stated in the book “something happened when the house was dark…. They were able to talk to each other again”. Shows that during the blackout the seemed to realize that their relationship was only just for a temporary time also. Everything he has learned and everything he has given out he then takes the plates to the sink and looks out the window. They only thing that brought them together to bond is the different hurt they shared with each other. They are only able to understand each other through that and regrets. In this book they show how people can do things in relationships to cause it to fail. If you don’t make a person happy or meet what they need it destroys the bond.

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In the story “Interpreter of Maladies” a man is stuck in a relationship because the doctor couldn’t prevent the death of his child. His name is Mr.Kapasi who lives in India and had two jobs. He works as an interpreter for a doctor and a tour guide also. One day as he was tour guiding people he was assigned to the Das’s family, he described them as a you couple who were only held together by three children. He learned this very early in the story by witnessing that they let their kids do what ever they please. In the middle of the trip Mr.Kapasi mentioned his job as an interpreter. He then noticed that Mrs.Das was very interested in his job but she never showed that towards her husband or kids. He then started to like the feeling that she was giving him and said it felt as she loved him. Throughout this story he kept mentioning how there relationship would become so good over the days and he didn’t want Mrs.Das to lose interest so in order to spend more time he takes the family to the Sun Temple. When they arrived Mrs.Das stays in the car with Mr.Kapasi, which is where she confessed to him her relationship problems. She told him that her relationship was failing, she had an affair and also that the youngest child wasn’t Mr.Das’s. She mentioned to Mr.Kapasi that she needed a cure from him to make her pain go away but he said “ is it really pain or is it guilt”. When she hears this she get very mad and gets out the car and goes to her family where she finds out the monkeys beat her son up for food. As the story ends shes bending down to take care of her son when a note falls out with Mr.Kapasi address.

The author brings these two relationships together to show how different things can ruin relationships. Even though they are different problems its shows without these problems a relationship can work. In the beginning of the story Mr.Kapasi notices that the relationship isn’t working out because of the things they do. They were two different people trying to make things work out, but it just caused more problems. Lahiri shows that it only takes the littlest things and one person to ruin a relationship. Mr.Kapasi started to bring up his problems of his own he had and that his wife is very jealous and only cares about his self. Here is why he feels like Mrs.Das is so into him because she respects him and cares about his career with other people. He feels like she understands him and doesn’t neglect him like his wife, so he grew to love her more. For this reason, is why he looks for a relationship within other people.

Here is where Lahiri brings out how neglecting your significant other can cause problems in your relationship. Mrs.Das says that the reason she is telling her business is because she is reaching out for a friend. She never had nobody to talk too and understand or to come in and feel out the spot her husband wasn’t fulfilling. As she keeps talking to Mr.Kapasi she tries to release stress that she has by telling him all her secrets. After the talk she had she realized within herself that she was giving up on herself and her family. She comes to her senses that she needs a loving family and her family needs her.

In both short stories “A Temporary Matter” and “Interpreter of Maladies” it shows that the lack of communication is what ruined the relationship. This shows the role the characters played which they didn’t meet their significant other’s needs. The problem Shukumar and Shoba has is that they don’t want to help themselves or each other. The reason that Mrs.Das relationship failed is because she always tried to find every way to let stress go instead of talking to her husband. In everyone of these relationships they had different reasons but the main one was the lack of communication they had in each one.

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