Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook And Business Ethics

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One of the biggest entrepreneurs in social media and the co-founder of Facebook is known as Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, he was born in the 14th of May 1984. He was around his 20s as a Harvard freshman with a high potential for the computer programming. in just a few years he became the world’s youngest billionaire by Facebook itself.

In 2004 Mark Zuckerberg has created Facebook that is an online social media platform and social networking. The one of the reasons why the platform was formed is because Harvard did not have a book that had the faces of the people in the University.

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The start, the website Facebook was meant to connect students were communicating through the website in their universities. Mark already developed a numerus of social networking websites for his friends and co-workers such as, Course match and its authorized operators to view other degrees, FaceMash was like a dating website and you could rate others appeal. However, FaceMash had to be shut down after a few days by Harvard administration. Mark had suffered by consequences by and got charged for, violating a copy right, breach of security and also individual privacy.

The website is simple, you sign up, establish a profile about yourself through answering a few questions, answering information about your interests, lifestyles fashion, e-mail address. In a few months, the platform reaches around 3 million users. In 2005, fb became open to high school students, 12 months later in 2006 Facebook became open to the public and to sign up you must be 13 and over.

Stakeholder Analyse

Facebook is a platform which have over 2.45 billion month-to-month users, and over 1.62 million people active each day, making the largest online social media platform. An enterprise without stakeholders can not run well. Facebook helps its social media commercial enterprise via corporate Social responsibility that deal with stakeholders’ pursuits. With the assist of the stakeholders, the enterprise profits reputation. The cause of those small interest corporations is to make the organisation even greater regarded and advanced by way of enhancing the offerings.

The customers are the primary and most essential stakeholders due to the fact they outline the recognition of Facebook. According to Panmore Institute, the advertisers are the second one most essential stakeholder’s leader source of fakebook’s earnings. This organization of stakeholders is massive as it immediately impacts the organisation’s economic reputation. Facebook presents a selection of advertisements that allows target a particular target market on social media.

The most essential stakeholders are the worker. they're handling the commercial enterprise and all of the work they do need to have an excellent high-quality if not the services on social media aren't going to be appearing. If Facebook does not provide the proper salary for personnel, they have got the right to leave the workplace and change to the competitors and dethrone the Facebook Empire.

The fourth element is the authorities. it's far very crucial for the enterprise to maintain a terrific relationship with the authorities in the event that they need to increase the platform in different international locations. The authorities impact stay the enterprise in compliance with the authorities guidelines and interest.

SWOT Analysis


· Loyal Customer Base

· Strong Advertising Business

· Market Dominance


· User’s Privacy Concerns

· Spreading Fake News

· Friction in Management


· Expansion of Existing Platforms

· Exploit Changes in Advertising Trends

· Diversify Portfolio


· Band in Several Countries (China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia)

· Duplicate & False Accounts

· Competition (TikTok)

The impact of Facebook in Society and Age Restriction

when you consider that the start of Facebook, it got the attention of a substantial quantity of individuals who afterwards became users. The website offers you the liberty to reveal yourself via posting photographs, sharing along with your friends your thoughts by writing a post. Facebook is the place wherein you could advertise your brands. The platform offers you the liberty to express yourself through making friends and sharing content

Alternatively, this platform indicates a darkish side. Many people can get depressed by way of the comments they get from others. regrettably Facebook offers an excessive amount of freedom, because of underdeveloped capability of human beings to control their state of stability, we have a tendency to waste most of the time within the virtual space, transferring far from the reality of the world. each, lonely and social active human beings become wasting their time, a few to deal with their loneliness, others to keep their relationships. What we do no longer understand is that the whole thing we get does not resolve our issues however accentuates our dependence.

Although human beings use the website on a day by day base that doesn't suggest it's far healthful. Many researchers have carried out survey on how terrible this website affecting other's lives.

According to Tavis McGinn, who used to work for Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook isn't always well regarded in many parts of the world. There are 3 nations wherein Facebook has a poor effect on society. accompanied by United Kingdom with 32.2%, Australia has the highest percentage of respondents with a 33.4% and Canada with 33.3%


1. Being the most important and biggest social platform this doesn't imply Facebook can not have competition. If Facebook has over 1.6 million users active a day, Google has 2 trillion searches per day each day with an over of 63.000 search queries per second. despite the fact that those websites are one of a kind from every different due to the fact Facebook is a social network and Google is an engine, they have got one factor in common that is marketing. This makes them to be in competition.

2. The most important competitor that Facebook faces is LinkedIn. it's far a social platform with 675 million month-to-month users, 57% of the users are males and 47% are females, even as Facebook has 55% males and 45% females. Facebook have become a platform utilized by every age. a few social media have a tendency to be popular with the particular age organization. for instance, LinkedIn is popular amongst united states adults, between 25-49 years old. but Facebook has over 75% of Americans aged 18-49 years old.

Despite the fact that the sales isn't always the same being a large difference among them, each of the websites have been created to attach humans. LinkedIn is more secure presenting a higher security than Facebook and a higher marketplace . LinkedIn changed into to begin with designed as a company recruitment platform whilst Facebook is more for socialising and connecting with friends and family.

3. Instagram has 127 million users. Instagram became offered through Facebook in 2012 for $1billion. even though it is extraordinary to mention Instagram as being a competitor, the app is valued as much as $100million.

Privacy and Safety

To create a Facebook profile inside the beginning you are requested for an email account and a good password. once you created your profile, you're requested to pick the way you need to secure your account, which means making a decision who you need to see out of your friends, photos profile. it is very crucial to secure your account due to the fact human beings can hack it, or even sharing your non-public information to anybody. In 2019 Mark Zuckerberg spent over $3.7 billion on protection safety at the business enterprise’s platform.

Consistent with Mark Zuckerberg in an interview he clarified the cause he spends a lot in protection. He had inside the past regularly instructed to investors that the enterprise’s investments in safety and protection are massive and impacting its income.


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