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Marriage Equality Should Be Legalized Around The World

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Marriage equality is still not legalized or widely accepted by multiple nations because they think it violates their tradition and is against nature when marriage is a civil and emotional bond between two individuals and a promise to make each other happy while staying together regardless of their genders. However, another school of thought is that it should be legal, it promotes a sense of equality, freedom, acceptance, and security among non-binary people. Many people in this world are still left out of this deal because their loved one is of similar gender as they are. The legalization of gay marriage brings immense benefits for gay people which can make their life easier and simpler whereas it has been always opposed by most societies and all the concerns of opposition are backed by research and dispelling of common myths and false conceptions.

On the one hand, for many communities, the prime reason for not promoting such spousal relationships is religion and tradition that it upsets their God which is unacceptable. On the other hand, Amara Das Wilhelm mentioned “since the earliest recorded times, homosexuality and crossdressing is common as minorities in cultures such as Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek and Roman” in Galva-108, according to this book, during 8000 B.C “The world’s earliest depictions of homosexuality are found in the ancient San rock paintings of Zimbabwe, Africa.3100. The Mahabharata of India describes how Lord Arjuna was well received in the palace of Maharaja Virata while spending one year as a crossdressing transgender” which falsifies the concern that God is against it. Eliminating gender-based marriage discrimination will bring acceptance for gay people in society. Homosexuals face difficulties from birth till death due to unacceptance as social injustice, isolation, and abuse which is the cause of many chronic mental diseases like depression and social anxiety. The Law of the country defines the thought of the nation. If the law of the country accepts it, people will have to accept it too. Hence reduction in social discrimination. Moreover, Social abuse and crime against homosexuals can be minimized as they get similar rights as other couples. Fear of punishment can work in the favor, if somebody breaks the law will have to face consequences.

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Freedom to marry also gives freedom to start families to such couples. Humans are social animals and we all need family. Authorization of marriage equality makes adoption possible for them. A wide range of masses argues that heterosexual parents are better parents than homosexual ones. On the contrary, from the reasearch paper on Same-Sex Marriage, Divorce and Families: Selected Recent Developments, it is evident “.....despite the finding that children’s adjustment outcomes in same-sex families were similar to those of children placed with heterosexual couples.” publication No. 2013-74-E, by Martha Butler and Cynthia Kirkby. Furthermore, it works as a two-edged sword as these adoptions can help a lot of orphans and homeless kids to get homes leads to enhancement in the quality of life of both parents and kids. To add to it, these adoptions work as the key factor for population control as the increasing populace is a development barrier for many nations.

The exclusion from civil union or marriage is the prime reason for significantly worse mental and physical health among homophiles. According to the American Medical Association, in November 2009 “Sexually transmitted diseases are on the higher rate in unmarried homosexuals than married.” mentioned by William C. Buffie, M.D. Thus, Gay marriage is the solution to a lot of problems. Authorization of marriage equity ensures legal rights to gay couples like heterosexual couples. Firstly, it allows them to have joint accounts or property rights, thus couples can grow both economically and emotionally like others. Secondly, it allows them for pension splitting which can not be possible for them to do it individually. Additionally, Numerous health care, health insurance, and survivor benefits can also be shared together. A famous Greek philosopher and polymath, Aristotle (384 B.C--324 B.C) once said that “Man is by nature a political animal”. Some political and communal groups for their benefit are making it never resolving issue whereas the legalization of gay marriage does not harm any individual, religion, society, or country. Marriage is the right of every individual in the democratic world regardless of race, religion, and gender.

This heated topic of decades can be resolved by integrity and advancement of thoughts. All the financial, physiological, social, mental, and emotional problems of homosexual individuals have one solution, Marriage Equality and If peace, equality, and quality of life become the prime motives of society, then together we all can grow.

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