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Marriages Today Differ From Marriages Form The 60’s: Gay Marriage

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  • General Purpose: To inform
  • Specific Purpose: To inform my audience that marriages today differ from marriages from the 60’s.
  • Central Idea: Marriages of today’s time are a lot different from the way they were in the 60’s.


I. Attention Material

A. When you think of the 60’s, your most likely things about afros, barbie dolls, bell-bottoms, and go-go boots, etc., but what you don’t think about typically is marriage.

B. As time has progressed a lot has changed since the year of the 60’s and one of those things is marriage. More and more people are getting divorced, gay marriage is very much legal now, and the roles of gender have been changed.

  1. About 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States are divorced now.
  2. In the U.S. 10/2% of LGBT adults are now married to the same-sex spouse.

II. Orienting Material

A. I know that everyone in the world hopes to be happily married to the love of their life someday, and I want to inform all of you on how things have drastically changed for both good and bad, and maybe that will help people have a successful marriage.

B. In the speech I present to day I will discuss how divorce rates have increased since the 60’s, and how gay marriage is very much legal in all of the fifty states, and how the gender roles throughout marriages have changed.

(Transition: Now we will discuss the difference between divorce rates now and divorce rates in the 60’s.)


I. The rate of divorce has defiantly increased since the 1960’s.

A. The divorce rate in the 1960’s was at 25%, compared to the rate it is today which is 50%. In the 60s, of course if a person were to get divorced, they were looked at differently and most likely always frowned upon for it, but today no one really cares about it because it happens so often.

B. One reason why the divorce rate is increasing is because divorce is so much easier to go through with, so most people don’t really think marriage is something that is meant to last a lifetime.

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II. A really big thing that has changed since the year of the 60’s is the right for gay marriage.

A. In the 60’s being gay was not up for discussion. The first gay rights demonstration was held in America and was on September 19, 1964.

B. As the years went by, gay marriage became something that became more and more common and also became legal in all 50 states.

III. Last but not least, gender roles have completely changed in today’s time compared to the 60’s.

A. In the 60’s, the men went to work to provide for his wife and kids (if they had any), and women stayed home and cooked and cleaned and took care of the children (if they had any).

B. Today’s society consists in no specific gender roles. There are a variety of stay at home dads, and moms who do all the manual labor and go to work. There are times where there are two dads in a household and two moms in a household. The gender roles are no longer used religiously, and things are more looked upon in a lenient manner.

(Transition: Now that you know how things differ in marriage from the 60’s to today’s time, let’s review.)


I. Review:

I explained how marriage in the 1960’s is completely different to the way marriage is looked upon now days.

II. Clincher:

In conclusion, there have been so many changes from the 60’s to today’s time. Some are very good, and some changes aren’t so good. I know there are still people out there that look at marriage the proper way, like the way it was looked upon in the 1960s. The traditional white, elegant wedding that every little girl dreams of having.

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