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Media Negative Effect On Woman Perception In Modern World: Stereotypes And Discrimination

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Do you open media every time you are free ? Did it become the first thing your eyes see in the morning and the last thing you see before you sleep ? I am sure yes. Media became one of the main ways of communication for our next generation. Social media that provided for people pictures and news that are unrealistic to what is considered beautiful in today’s society forced people to take extreme and harmful things which led to death. I strongly believe that media is the main effect on society’s perception of women in a negative way because media focuses on the body of women and they portray women in a certain role and should be dependent on men.

Media influence the way people think and how women view about themselves . This is because how media projects images of women that have been technologically edited. These impracticable women have a greater effect on society’s perception. It is a strong view on how we should look, the more we look to perfect body images and find ideal characteristics not found on ourselves , the more we feel inferior. Starting comparing ourselves to unrealistic body images so there will be more risk to control our body which means extreme dieting , exercises and eating disorder. Images are being of fashionably clad women, , tiny waists, large breasts, perfect skin for example Kardashian and Beyoncé fame , all with no greater than 59 kg. But yet still we are told that these bodies are normal, desirable, required , and achievable. A women that is thin, tall and muscular has become the one who is successful , hardworking , popular and beautiful as for the one who is fat and short is associated as ugly , lazy and weak. Can you imagine that media influenced our mindsets of women and made us to think this way. The media sets sexualized beauty standards and sends out the message that they need to be beautiful in the eyes of the men to be accepted so this makes women feel depressed because they do not look sexy like the models they see that the men are attracted to.

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Women roles in media such as advertising , television and news are stereotyped, it present women in stereotyped ways that limit the society’s perception of human possibilities. The study by Lilit Grigoryan, Arevik Ghalumyan and Mane Adamyan entitled “Women’s Image in Armenian Advertisements” and funded by Open Society Foundation illustrates that 78 % of images of women in advertisements belong to the “young” age group (under 30) ,only 10 % of women portrayed in magazines are medium-structured, only 6 % of women in advertisements are portrayed at workplace. Women in advertisements are being located in an unclear environment for example most advertisements include women who is portrayed at home . Society’s perception is based on these advertisements that let them think that women should be at home , housewife. This type of stereotypical representation of women in media can have a negative impact on young girls who identifies themselves with their role model shown in these commercials. Media is affecting the dreams of women of what they like to do and taking their freedom which means letting others control their choices because of what is seen in media. Still not all advertisements include women at home but just 10% of women that are portrayed in working place so it is still a small percentage. Do you know that 70 % of TV staff is men for example directors, camera people, producers, computer designers, etc… and only 30 % is female such as apparel design, makeup, administrator, etc… ?If media doesn’t t stop stereotype the role of women then the society’s perception of women will not change and stay the same so media is the main effect on the way people are viewing the role of women.

In some commercials they always sexualize women where they are mostly given the roles such as not making important decisions at home , depend on men always and need men protection. Media portrayed women as a status who are expected to do everything for men and with the help of men. Media is trying to convey to society that women can’t take essential , main and significant choices while men can.

Media is affecting women perception in a negative way so we all shouldn’t follow and believe what is being presented. Achieve , accomplish and reach your goal and dreams don’t let your life be based on what media is offering for you. Stop comparing yourself with others because you are unique , do whatever makes you feel good and comfortable. Shout back to the media and you can change the perception of women .Never underestimate the power within you, because you may be the only person in the entire universe to solve a specific problem. – Gift Gugu Mona .

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