My America's First Road Trip: Personal Narrative Essay

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Colorado is like my second home, and since I went there, it was a big part of my life because it was the first road trip as a family I took. One of the coolest trips in my life I have ever taken. I will probably never forget that whole week of awesome fun.

My family was planning on going to Colorado since I was in mid-7th grade. I was anxiously waiting for the months to go by while I was in school. I had to also go through 8th grade because we needed to save up for the trip. Also, it was a road trip so we would be waiting a long time. The day finally came, the day that I would go to Colorado and it would be my first road trip across America.

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We packed up all of our stuff at 5 a.m. and headed off. We first had to wait an 11-hour drive to New Mexico because if we went to Colorado straight away then it would have been the whole day. While we were driving, we stopped in a place called Roswell, New Mexico, and we stopped because they were having their annual alien festival, and I got alien glasses from that which always reminds me of New Mexico. We finally arrived in New Mexico, and a part of my heart was left in New Mexico because in New Mexico the culture was so beautiful and all the people were so nice and they were very hard-working as well. Everyone was up at around 8 a.m. and was just walking around or going to church. In the morning the bells of the church would go off. We got to see a lot of pretty stuff when we were walking. Then the day came to an end and it was time to head off to Colorado.

It was about a 6-hour drive, but I didn't mind, it I already took an 11-hour drive. We got to Colorado about 7 p.m. and our first stop was Canyon City. We started right away on our activities. We first went to this really cool train that goes through the mountains and it was called the Royal Gorge Railroad, and we got to see the mountains, and at the top of the mountains was a bridge called the Royal Gorge Bridge. It was really pretty to look down and smell the fresh air since we were so high up, there was barely any pollution. We rode the gandallas and went back to our hotel. We fell asleep really quickly. By the next morning, we were ready to take off to Colorado Springs. We got to Colorado Springs and we actually got to go to a place called Garden of the Gods, and it was so beautiful, and a tour guide took us through all the rock structures and mountains. The next morning we got up and went to a place where buses pick you up to go to the peak of Pikes Peak. It took a little bit to get up to the peak, but we were 18,864 feet above the ground. If you ask me, that's pretty high. Once we were done with that we headed straight to Estes Park. Most of the way there is slept, but then once we made it, we went to the Stanley Hotel, the most haunted hotel in Colorado. Sadly no ghosts that I know of, but they had a really cool ghost tour that they had at midnight. There were also writings around the Stanley Hotel talking about ghost stories and things that people encountered. We went to sleep and the next morning there was a ghost at the foot of my bed! I'm joking. But then, after we ate breakfast, we went to go horseback riding. “This is what I have been waiting for”, I told my mom. I was so excited. We got there, we got our horses, and my horse was named Blue. He was a very beautiful horse with a long gray main, and he was gray and white. His fur was so soft I could probably fall asleep on him. We went through the forest, and the coolest thing was that I had to learn to basically drive the horse by myself. There was obviously a leader helping, but most of the time I did it all by myself.

The trip finally came to an end, so many good memories that I never forgot, and the people. Colorado isn't just some lame old state anymore, it is one of the things that I love and will never forget, and how much it showed that just loving everyone and being yourself is really beautiful.

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