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By completing my first semester in this course, I was able to benefit from learning various new things including new knowledge about programming languages and information about myself that I never knew before. I was able to reflect on the project-based learning approach we took, my biggest challenges, my biggest accomplishments, and how I was able to overcome the challenges that I faced throughout this course. Moreover, I was able to reflect on how the content of this course affected my life at a higher level and on all the assignments completed in the course.

I believe that taking this project-based learning approach taught me more than I ever would have learned if the information was given. When I reflect back to the past, I think I was able to learn more by figuring things out in a group of my peers at the exact moment I needed to know the information. I was able to independently learn and complete assignments that required me to code which resulted in teaching me the basic knowledge of programming. Rather than having to memorize various codes, using this project-based learning approach ensured that I was able to actually understand the role of the code. This way in the future, I am able to apply the correct code according to what needs to occur, in order to be successful. This project-based approach also allowed me to effectively communicate with new peer members, and I was able to make new friends. At the end of the semester, these new peer members turned into strong friendships. Our constant conversations about coding have led to finding solutions to situations, that I would never have been successful in finding independently. Being able to research collaboratively has not only saved time but has made me very successful in this course.

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The biggest challenges I faced during the course were at the beginning of the semester. This is because when I entered this course, I knew absolutely nothing about coding. Never once before this course, did I ever code before, and hence, at the beginning of the semester, I thought that I was not going to be successful. The first obstacle I encountered was the feeling of being alone on the course. I felt that I had no close peers by my side which is why at the beginning of the semester, I dreaded coming to this class. I believe that a major factor that contributes to my success, is that I have peers in the class that know me and my learning style. And so, at the beginning of the semester, I felt as if I was at a complete disadvantage because I was a first-time coder and did not have support from friends. It turns out, I was completely wrong. I realized that I did have support from friends, which was what drove me each day. Another obstacle that I encountered was using the project-based learning approach when we started learning new syntax. In order to overcome this obstacle, I started using resources like the website: which looks like the following: “How to code for dummies.” These media pieces are what contributed to my success in this course. Having peers that support me and these respective media pieces as resources, motivated me to continue to strive and gave me the willpower to overcome the obstacles that I faced. Moreover, another obstacle I faced was solving logical problems, as I was unaware of the various programming languages. I struggled at the beginning of the semester to differentiate the various types of programming languages and did not realize that each individual coding language required different types of code as they had different functions. I was fortunate enough to never face any obstacles with working with peers because my peers were very kind-hearted and helped me when times were tough.

I think my biggest accomplishment was completing the announcement app code. This is because it was very special to me, as it was the first piece of code I had completed in my life. I took pride in the fact that I was able to code because websites that we use on a daily basis are made from coding, and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to code this announcement app from the comfort of my classroom. Moreover, I took pride in the fact that I was building something that students and teachers could potentially use on a daily basis. I feel like another achievement apart from coding, was being able to have the opportunity to learn significantly about how computers contribute to our environment’s sustainability. This is important to me because I think having a sustainable environment is quite important, especially for future generations. Not having a healthy and sustainable environment, impacts us greatly. Technology is really important to us and knowing that in addition to helping us, it also helps the environment is quite a relief.

By overcoming these challenges, I learned that no matter how tough things get in coding, you should never give up. Eventually, after multiple tries, you will get the answer and will be successful if you try hard. I learned a lot about the various programming languages. When doing the Java build-a-dice game assignment, I was challenged by independently working on this during the winter break. I overcame this challenge by using media resources that were available to me and learned that through patience and the right mindset, you are able to achieve anything you put your mind to. This right mindset was developed through various accomplishments in this course.

Personally, learning through these experiences and overcoming these challenges taught me important life lessons above the course curriculum. This will be very beneficial for me in the future because I will be able to apply these life lessons throughout my life when faced with new challenges. I feel like I made a great decision in Grade 10, taking this course. This is because ICS was able to teach me about new programming languages, how to independently learn, and important life lessons that I will be able to apply throughout my lifetime. At a higher level, this affects my life in a positive way because in the future I will be able to reminisce about what I learned in this course and how all the things I learned in this course have been able to make me successful. Coming out of this course, I feel more confident in myself and I feel like ICS has boosted my self-esteem. I learned about career options through the post-secondary career assignment that relates to computer science. It was through this assignment, that I was able to develop an interest in this potential career.

As this course comes to an end, I believe that all I have learned throughout the semester will not only benefit me next year in computer science but will help me strive in all my future endeavors. Reflecting on the semester has shown me that I was able to learn quite a lot about different programming languages, the environment’s sustainability, and along with that, very important life lessons that will help me through the course of my life.

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