Parallelism in the Declaration of Independence: Analytical Essay

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According to Lao Tzu, when there is no desire, everything is peaceful. Lao Tzu considers people to be very materialistic and selfish; they just want to be stronger than others. He states that people are trying an easier way to get what they want. The simplest way is to use fear and greed. This materialism leads in turn to bad things. Laos claims that if people like their assets, they start to steal. He concluded that for individuals to have true happiness and to become truly strong and better, they must free themselves from these things.

I think his opinions are practical and reasonable. To a certain extent, the truth is due to the selfish desires of man, today many bad things happen in our society. However, to a greater extent, it is also because of the material desire of the developing human being. If we do not want, we do not grow and life will not change. It is thanks to our desire to become strong that there is a lot of development between countries and cooperation. I think it was an ideology to write and pass the Declaration of Independence because it brought more freedom to the colonialists, it gave justice and gave people freedom.

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The colonists liked the idea of the Declaration of Independence because it freed them from the Acts passed by the highest authorities that the colonists did not really support. These Acts limited settlers and claimed to free them from these restrictions. These two pieces do differ in their audience and subject - Jefferson speaks to the entire world about the colonies breaking away and their rights as people, while Stanton speaks to a conference of women about gaining rights for women. But I think most of the effect depends on the parody of the Declaration of Independence. What Cady Stanton did is make a spin-off of the original but instead of listing off the wrongs of the King of Britain she stated the wrongs of men, did showed men as the antagonist instead of the King. This creates a totally different effect than the original but the overall concept is what stays the same throughout the parody. These two works differ in subject and theme - Jefferson talks to the world about colonies and their rights as people. while Stanton tells a women's conference about gaining more rights for women. But I think the effect depends largely on the parody of the Declaration of Independence. What Cady Stanton did was to make a difference from the original, but instead of listing the wrongs of the King of England, she declared the wrongs of men, showing that they were wrong about women. This creates a completely different effect from Jefferson's idea but the general concept is what remains the same during the parody. She used Jefferson's declaration to strengthen her own. I do not think in today's society any leader should use all the Machiavelli ideas.

A leader of our society should know the location of the land and understand where all their citizens come from. As Machiavelli said this way, if we were fighting, they would understand the location of the lands in other countries. In the case of the United States, they can use the influence of citizens to better understand the customs of nations other than the land. If we understand other countries, we can solve problems without violence.

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