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Benjamin Franklin: Life Story and Major Achievements

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Benjamin Franklin was born on the seventeenth day of January, 1706, on Milk Street, Boston, in Massachusetts. He died on the seventeenth day of April, 1790. He had nine brothers and seven sisters, sixteen siblings in all. He was the son of Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger, his second wife. Anne Child was Benjamin’s half mother. Josiah Franklin worked as a soap maker. Benjamin’s main hobbies as a child were reading and writing. He started attending the Boston Latin School when he was eight and he transferred to George Brownell's English School a year later. His father withdrew him from school when he was ten, because Benjamin was failing arithmetic and his father needed help with his soap making. Although he never had any other formal education after George Brownell's English School, he continued to educate himself.

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When he was twelve, he was apprenticed as a printer to his half brother James. Even though Benjamin learned a lot, his brother frequently beat and mistreated him. Benjamin ran away to New York then to Philadelphia, where he lived the rest of his life. When he arrived at Pensylvania, He worked as a apprentice printer. Several years later, he stopped working as an apprentice and opened a print shop of his own. The business was very succesful, and he produced a wide variety of materials, from books to pamphlets and more. Because of his increasing buisness he became widley konwn, and became more and more involved with public matters. While he was famous for being a printer, he was also famous for inventing. Inventing the lightning rod, the franklin stove, and the bifocal made Benjamin Franklin well known. He tinkered with inventions and science for many years in his early adulthood. He started politics when he was elected as a member of Philadelphia's city council.

Benjamin Franklins is remembered in many ways, some ways he is remembered is that his face is printed on the one hundred dollar bill, and many town’s, school’s, and businesses are named after him. He was famous for writing 'Poor Richard's Almanac and Silence Dogood', studying electricity, and creating the lightning rod. His kite expierement on 1752 proved that lightning created electrical charges, helping people reserch electricity greatly even today. Benjamin Franklins act of first introducing street lamps changed America then and now greatly. He was also one of the founding fathers. Benjamin Franklin died on April 17, 1790, at Philidelphia, from pleurisy.

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