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Peculiarities Of Employee Engagement In It Industry

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Employees who are engaged to their job and committed to their firm gives a better competitive advantages to the firm as well as higher productivity so it has become essential for the firm to retain their highly skilled employees. This research, study the practices followed in the firm to engage employees. The objective of the study was to find the factors of engagement, level of satisfaction, organizational inputs and to identify measures for the enhancement of employee engagement. A structured questionnaire was constructed based on the objectives of the study to collect the required data.

Descriptive research design was adopted for the study. Convenience sampling technique has been deployed. The findings of the study shows the factors under employee engagement such as working condition, superior support, organizational support, co-workers support, rewards and recognition and career growth. Some of the main findings include identifying the satisfaction level of employees which leads to employee retention. Further to this, recommendations have also been given by the researcher based on the main findings including how to motivate and retain employees etc. The researcher hopes that the recommendations would help the IT firms to make their employees fully engaged and committed to their firm.


The challenge today for top management in IT industry is not just retaining skilled people, but fully engaging them, and making them committed to the firm at each phase of their work life. Employee engagement has became a critical driver of business success in today’s competitive market place. Engagement not only have the potential to affect employee retention, productivity and loyalty, but it is also a key factor to customer satisfaction and company reputation. The connection between an employee’s work and organizational goals, including understanding the importance of the work to the firm’s success, is the most important driver of employee engagement. Job satisfaction is a term used alternatively with employee engagement and is defined as how an employee feels about his or her job, work environment, pay, benefits, etc. The most common way of measuring the engagement level is the use of rating scales where employees report their reactions to their jobs.

Employee Engagement is a approach resulting in the right conditions for all employees of a firm to give their best each day. It is based on trust, integrity, a two-way commitment and communication between the firm and its employees. It is an approach that increases the chances of success in the business, as a contribution for organizational and individual performance and productivity. Engaged employees will form a part of a firm’s brand and an engaged happy workplace can have a effect on customer retention, hiring of key talent and the ability to attract new customers where a company's values are crucial to the consumers.


Employee commitment is evidenced by better reward programs, and approaches that will show interest in employee career development. Organizations also need to create ways of recognition of contribution by employees that would help defining what determines employee engagement in order to impove commitment levels ( Sivasubramanian And Rupa, 2017).

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The demographic profile of employees has an influence on employees engagement. and organizational inputs and support has an impact on engagement and that committed makes employees more engaged (Gantasala V. Prabhakar and Swetha Reddy, 2016).

Two way communication and transparency across all levels of management are the ways to promote the trust and determine the degree of discretionary effort that comes with a higher level of engagement ( Manjunath.S and Chandni M.C, 2018). (Preeti Thakur, 2014) identified that among the former work motivation could be improved through increased job authority and accountability and at the clerical level, rewards and recognitions are significantly associated with job involvement.

The organizational success depends on employee’s productivity which will be accelerated through employee’s commitment towards his organisation (Dr. Pratimasarangi and Dr. Bhagirathi Nayak, 2016). (Arti Chandani and Vashwee Khokhar, 2016) identified variations in factors may arise due to differences in individual, job characteristics and gender diversity..


  • From the findings it is identified that rewards and recognition will motivates the employees for better performance and to keep them engaged.
  • The organization can even further align the employees with the organization’s by providing them employee counselling, which will help employees to overcome the emotional stress or any other problems, so that they can get back to the main track of performance.
  • The Organization can be more supportive to maintain balance between the work and professional life of the employees.
  • The organization can promote good communication which helps to foster a good working relationship between the employer and the employees.


Every business is made up of people that is human resources. An organization is nothing without human resources. The effective management of human resources will have a major impact on how successful the business becomes. It is universally agreed that the quality of human resources is the major factor in maintaining the competitiveness and profitability of the today’s business. So, the survival and success of the organizations is with the management of its human resources.

From this research it is identified that some of the factors of engagement are working condition, superior support, co worker support, career growth, organizational support and rewards and recognitions. And some of the measures for the enhancement of employee engagement are providing promotional opportunities for employees and by giving them some visibility on their career development will make them satisfied and also leads to retention of highly skilled employees.


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