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Plagiarism As The Type Of Academic Dishonesty

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Plagiarism refers to the act of stealing and publishing of another writer’s idea, language, thoughts, or expressions and representing them as one’s original work. The behavior involves using the productions of other authors and failing to recognize them as the innovators of works. Plagiarism relates to values, ethics and religion, and even though there are ways to prevent and check if it exists, some students still plagiarize original works.

Plagiarism is closely related to ethics, religion, and values. Academic dishonesty is similar to deception and goes against ethical guidelines because stealing and lying are regarded as unethical. In terms of religion, cheating is not allowed, since plagiarism is the same as cheating, the act goes against religious principles and teachings (Hosny & Fatima, 2014). In society, when one takes someone’s property without asking for permission, they show a lack of respect and betray the values of the land. The act is not acceptable since it goes against the values, religion, and ethical principles as perceived by society.

Students can prevent plagiarism by using several strategies. Paraphrasing is an excellent way of ensuring that a student avoids copying someone’s original work. Learners need to evade using two words together from a given source, and if they cannot avoid it, they can utilize quotation marks (“6 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism,”2012). Through citing sources, learners can avoid plagiarism cases. Including a reference page also helps prevent plagiarism; however, learners need to ensure it meets the provided formatting guidelines. These strategies are essential in helping students avoid academic dishonesty.

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It is possible to check if a student’s paper has plagiarism before submitting. Many learners are worried that their paper might be detected for academic dishonesty; however, several approaches are available to offer assistance. Students can employ the use of different plagiarism checker programs that are readily available. These programs can cross-check the works of learners against the papers that have been submitted before (Dalal, 2016). With these strategies, students can recognize the ideas that are plagiarized and change them appropriately.

Many institutions have formulated policies that discourage academic dishonesty. However, students still resort to plagiarism for various reasons. The pressure to get high grades makes students fell that they need to cheat so that they can succeed. Learners engage in activities other than studying; therefore, they may develop fear to meet deadlines. Which will push them to copy someone’s original works. Some students lack proper understanding of plagiarism (Adam Anderson, & Spronken-Smith, 2017). Poor time management coupled with procrastination does lead to pressure and stress, which makes learners resort to cheating in their papers. Teachers need to play a central role in helping students understand the seriousness of such behavior.

Plagiarism is a serious offense that needs to be discouraged among learners. The act goes against the values of society as well as religious and ethical principles. Learners need to realize there are various strategies they can use to prevent plagiarism and check if they have used someone’s original works. Many students still engage in academic dishonesty because of various reasons such as pressure to get high grades. Therefore, learning institutions need to teach students how to avoid these challenges to avoid plagiarism in their works.

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