Why Plagiarism Is an Unacceptable Academic Practice: Opinion Essay

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Academic plagiarism is to sign or present as your own something composed by someone else. It is duplicating other people's work. Plagiarism or literary theft is a fraudulent imitation of a work, ensured by copyright law, and there is a genuine infringement of the writer’s moral rights: both the paternity and the integrity of his creation. There are different ways to commit plagiarism. Among the most repeated practices, the following can be distinguished: integral plagiarism (duplicating, in precisely the same words, without making changes, work, or passage of it and not presenting the authentic source), paraphrasing without assigning the source, research data - quantitative and qualitative - without mentioning the source, mosaic plagiarism (coping excerpts from different sources, forming a mosaic, but changing small sentences or words to disguise the copy), self-plagiarism (it happens when someone borrows their content, which has already been used in previous situations), or copying images, photos, graphics, drawings, and other visual content.

As for me, I believe that plagiarism is bad, primarily from the point of view of ethics. Plagiarism should be unacceptable and avoided at all costs, if you are caught plagiarizing this will question your character and integrity. People will question all aspects of your work academically. Plagiarism is stealing in the simplest form. This has always been ethically wrong.

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Ethical people attract other ethical people, forming a network of good around them. Therefore, to create a culture of ethics and integrity in our environment, the first step starts with us: be whole. According to La Boetie, a French philosopher and humanist, only ethical people have friends, evil people have complicities. Moreover, these complicities compete with people and covet their success. With this, it is interesting to think that being ethical is the best and easiest way to win, since by being ethical, instead of envy and pitfalls, people find the support of other individuals who cheer for their success. Academic integrity is a fundamental component of success and growth; it prepares students for personal and professional challenges, as well as providing a plan for future achievement and success.

We should always be careful about integrity and never leave anyone in doubt about how we stand on issues. Integrity, for me, is more than just legal issues. It is values that should guide us all the time. It is about always doing the right thing, not just the cool thing. Trusting your integrity and not disappointing others is the message that everyone in a professional environment should always follow. For this reason, I believe that plagiarism should never be acceptable in an academic environment, as it threatens our integrity and goes against moral and ethical standards.

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