Prejudice, Stereotypes And Discrimination As The Forms Of Sexism In The Workplace

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Sexism in the workplace has been the cause of many fallen careers. Is being prejudice, stereotyping or discriminating typically against women based on their gender. Sexism language is an offensive reminder of the way the country and cultures view women and their ability achieve or do many jobs a man can do.

The way women are looked at and treated follows them from their cradles to the workplace throughout their lifetime. Sexism opinions have a lasting impact on how much a woman works and earns. Many don’t know but where a female is born and lives also plays a huge role on their lifelong earnings and work. It all depends on the level of sexism in the state they work and live in. Women born in the United States earn less ad work less than other women born in other countries. Those born in deep south are most likely to face a much wider economic gap than the women born in the Pacific Coast. Even if both women were to move to New York City the economic gap will still exist in their workplace and lifelong earnings.

Sexist attitudes in the workplace or even at home can discourage them or force them to leave their jobs, school or lifelong careers to become a homemaker for the rest of their life. Throughout many decades many of them have been forced to live off the government benefits because of the way they have been treated, view, judged or discourage just because of their gender or what their households are like. These types of attitudes are more common in the southeast and less prevalent in the West Coast. The Midwest varies, for example in the state of Ohio sexism levels are low but in the state of Indiana sexist attitudes are extremely high.

Sexual misconduct is also a part of sexism in the workplace. A lot of women are believed or accused of advancing in their careers or jobs because they have performed sexual acts or seduced someone in a higher position. There have been many sexual misconduct allegations at many jobs and schools that have ruined many women’s careers, families and marriages. Sometimes even their reputation. Most times the allegations are false, but they will be denied a job or fired just because of their looks or how they dress. In many cases it is true women do advance because they take advantage of the way they look, dress or are allowed to speak to someone in a higher position than them.

For example, one case that was seen many years ago and a lot of people are aware of it even decades after, is the Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton sex affair scandal. It is believed and proven time after time that Ms. Lewinsky was kept at her White House intern position and later hired as an employee of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs because of the affair she did have with president Clinton. The sexual relationship between the two took place between 1995 and 1997 but wasn’t shed light on until 1998. When some phone conversations between the two were discovered and later Ms. Lewinsky confessed to the affair. In this case its known that both parties played a part in the sexist behavior in the workplace. President Clinton for abuse of power and Monica for her looks and age at the time.

Research have been performed many times to determine the level of sexism in the country. One research was done on only white women to ensure it was not about racial or discrimination because of skin color or race. And it was still determined that 42% of women have faced discrimination because of gender. The research was done on the Statistics of Census Bureau and The General Social Survey. This is a survey that consist of a poll of questions over time and documents changing Americans attitudes on a wide range of issues. Eight of the questions focused on the role of women in society.

One article written and stated by Pillay argued that women were better suited to be homemakers. That allegedly women are better of caring for the kids and household chores not for STEM, also known as Science Technology Engineering and Math Field. He believes women aren’t suited for this field because they choose flexibility, dedication to family and raising children before their job or career. To his knowledge women have no importance as much as men in their job or careers. According to Pillay men have more of an appetite or work than females. They are not seen as hard workers and ambitious workers because of things like maternity leave and sick days.

The female gender has not been given the equal and suitable opportunity to progress in the Engineering field. Study results from the Frontiers in Psychology in 2017 show that 1,464 women abandoned and left the field because of sexist attitudes and sexism at the workplace. There are many key factors on why they left, starting of with poor and unfair working conditions just because of their gender. These are women that were victims of inequitable compensation, inflexible work environment which made it had for them to keep an equal balance of work and family. Other women in the field faced lack of recognition at work, lack of use of their math and science skills just because of gender and no opportunities for advance. People of turned a blind eye to these issues for years and decades but the real problem here is the workplace and sexism.

Women aren’t given the fairness at jobs that they deserve. They are not recognized for their skills. Most are belittled at masculine jobs once again just because of gender. It has always been said over and over that the female can’t do the same as the male only because of physical strength. They view pregnancy as a woman main problem, when in fact that is one of a women’s biggest physical and metal strength. Women are naturally mentally stronger than men, we are able to multi task and carry much more information in our brains even though it has been said and they have tried to prove the opposite.

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On another article I read while moving forward with my research it as proven 4 out of 10 women have faced and been victims of gender discrimination. This article was written by the Pew Research Center Survey data. They conducted a survey in which they made a comparison between males and females of discriminations they have faced at work. They asked both parties a couple of questions which proved females have faced more discrimination than males at the workplace. Questions such as pay rate, treatment, received support from other workers, denied promotions and so on. And this is what their results looked like at the end.

This survey center also administered two other surveys to gather more information and determine whether is was about gender discrimination or not. There was a survey conducted for postgraduate woman compare to some or less college and college graduate, and it happen to be the results were surprisingly shocking. Anyone would believe and be so sure that a postgraduate woman would be not face as much gender discrimination as a female with some or less college or a college graduate due to the fact a postgraduate has more education and work experience. But the truth that has been proven through these surveys is 57% of postgraduate women have been faced with gender discrimination. Sexism in the work place is a real thing whether you choose to believe it or not. And as I said before many times both parties have fault in this.

I say and I strongly believe both parties play a huge role in sexism in the workplace and in worldwide sexist attitude at work, school just in society all over for many reasons. My reasons on why I believe both are at fault, women and men are obvious and anyone that does not see it are just ignoring it by turning a blind eye to it. Throughout the years since the 1990’s you would see and witness young women teens become obsessed with and older man and they reason for becoming obsessed would be because of what the man had or could provide for them things they didn’t have at home or their parents wouldn’t provide. Sometimes it would also be the parents the ones to use their daughters to get what they wanted or needed.

As in the case of singer Robert Kelly also known by stage name R.Kelly. Many females and parents of the women are crying out rape and how he abused his power of celebrity and money. I wouldn’t say I don’t believe them, no that is not what I’m trying to say at all, but the question is where the parents were and why weren’t they worried when their teen daughters were going missing for days at a time. This is where I believe sexism came into place. I strongly believed some of the parents took advantage or at least believed they had an advantage of their daughter becoming famous or making money off them because they were young and beautiful and Mr.Kelly someone everyone loved him a lot of money in a higher position that would help them advanced in the music industry. In this case both were at fault, he abused his power as well respected and very much-loved celebrity and for the females and parents they did everything with second intentions of getting something in return from Mr. Kelly.

A lot of times men treat women with sexist attitudes because women not all, but some have implanted than in their brains. It can come from their girlfriends and wives to even their mother’s, sisters and aunts. We have witnessed many times where the wife would say well I don’t have to or I shouldn’t have to work because I’m at home all day taking care of the children, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry making sure everything is good for the husband but the truth of the matter is they don’t understand or have no knowledge of the damage they are doing. Long term damage at that. This type of behavior can cause a man to be controlling. Makes him feel powerful because he is the only one providing and feels entitled to do whatever he wants when he wants and as he pleases. He will feel the female isn’t good for anything but care for the home and children. He will feel he has the right to tell her hat to do with money because he is the one working for it, she has no sayings if or buts. The women have no type of skills or capability to handle any real male duties such as car mechanical issues or plumbing issues at home.

But in the recent years a group of medical students conducted a study. The study as focused on the comparison of cognitive functions between males and females. In results of this study they discovered that estrogen and Testosterones accentuate cognitive functions. Women before preovulatory are comparable to male but during preovulatory phase they have the advantage in executive task such as verbal fluency, perceptual speed, accuracy and fine motor skills. This is a result of women mental skills vary during different phases of the menstrual cycle. After the study was done it was also determined men outperformed women in spatial working memory and mathematical abilities.

There has been many studies and research in this, whether the women have the capability and knowledge to do the same jobs as a man and has she faced gender discrimination. But because of some inaccurate interpretation of scientist research including even false claims everyone just allows this to continue happening and it’s affecting many lives day by day. Women are being discourage and forced to leave their careers, jobs, schools and even college behind because of the way the community or country views them, treats them and don’t receive enough recognition. Sometimes are women putting other women down when we should all be trying to help each other out to stop the sexism at work, home, school all over the world. Sexism and sexist attitudes are all over and its up to women to shine light on this tremendous issue, that is causing so much damage to women’s bright promising futures.

There has been too many cases and incidents of sexism for it to continue. Women should be respected, given recognition and embraced the same way men are. They should be given equal opportunities at jobs and other challenges of life. Women should be able to prove themselves and not shut down before even getting for to what they want to accomplish in life. Maybe if women well not maybe I know for a fact if women were treated equally in the workplace and given the chance to advance as much as a man, we will see a lot of more women progress in career fields that are ran mostly by men and many more men in career fields ran by women. Any one’s gender shouldn’t determine their future, career, or progression in life. it shouldn’t determine your lifelong economics or where you should live. Where a female is born, or works shouldn’t determine wage gaps or promotions. When it comes to the career and job industry everyone should have an opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams because everyone has the same responsibilities, not exactly the same but the same in the sense of bills need to be paid, food need to be put on the table and children need to be taken care of and a roof needs to be kept over our heads.

No one should be taken that opportunity away because you never know what the next person is going through. Always give the person the benefit of the doubt no matter the gender, race, color or even where they were born, raised, lived or live. Whether they have a family, marriage, children or not, none of this defines a person’s abilities, skills, ambition, capacity and dedication. A woman or a man who really want to progress in life will dedicate themselves 100%. Even if it means changing things around in their life style but anything is possible.

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