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Company profile

Walmart is an American global retail organization that works with a chain of hypermarkets, markdown retail chains, and supermarkets. The first store opened in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas, we've been dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our customers. The founder of Walmart is Samuel Moore Walton, known as an American entrepreneur and businessman. The big retail company has 2.3 million employees out of which 1.5 million are in the US. The corporate office headquarters is located at 702 SW 8th Street Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611. The corporate’s phone number is 1-800-925-6278 or 1-479-273-4000, and the email is

Open systems

Walmart's structure has two features hierarchy and function-based definition. The hierarchy feature pertains to the vertical lines of command and authority throughout the organizational structure. For example, except for the CEO, every employee has a direct superior. Walmart has operations management covers a variety of approaches that are focused on managing the supply chain and inventory, as well as sales performance. The company’s success is partly based on effective performance in operations management. Specifically, Walmart’s 10 decision areas of operations management. These decision areas pertain to the issues and concerns that managers face on a daily basis.

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  • Goods and Services
  • Process and Capacity Design
  • Location Strategy
  • Human Resources and Job Design
  • Inventory Management
  • Scheduling
  • Maintenance

Task and people

In the Walmart business, the advance in technology plays a major role in the company. The technology helped Walmart by increasing its work, customer satisfaction, and sales. The new technology development allows customers to make any purchase online or through the mobile application. A part of Walmart’s task environment includes the strengths and weaknesses of the business.

On one hand, the company’s strengths are: market leadership with unprecedented scale gives a competitive advantage, having a low-cost leadership enabling Walmart to offer products at low price points, and an internationalization strategy that gives a strong foundation for growth as the US market matures. On the other hand, the company’s weaknesses are: some interior weaknesses are the present work-related claims, which lead to high worker turnover. This likewise makes negative exposure. Inside the store, there is in some cases little item separation making it hard for clients to get precisely what they want.

Inputs, throughputs, output


As of October 2019, Walmart has officially 11,438 stores and they are represented in 27 countries. There are completely claimed tasks in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and the UK. With 2.2 million workers around the world, the organization is the biggest private business in the U.S., and Mexico, and one of the biggest in Canada.

Walmart’s opportunity to expand in developing countries is based on its high-growth economic condition. For example expansion in developing countries, improvement in human resource practices to develop competitiveness in the labor market, and improvement in quality standards. Walmart approached globalization with the guideline of economies of scale, Walmart started selling for less in little provincial towns that were overlooked by other huge retailers. Walmart offered items at less expensive costs than its opposition, expanding its competitive advantage towards the competition.

Walmart made exceptional progress and development in its nation of origin before setting out on a system of global extension. While the majority of Walmart's global development endeavors were fruitful, the retailer encountered a few difficulties in Germany and South Korea, leaving both under ten years after starting passage. In 2016, Walmart reported the conclusion of 269 stores around the world. Albeit most Walmart stores are presently outside the USA, the presentation of these stores slack their US partners. Walmart has not had the option to just fare its low-price approach. It is critical to comprehend social contrasts in the manner individuals shop notwithstanding understanding the market, economy, and laws of different locales around the globe.

Walmart diversity

Walmart's promise to assorted variety and consideration is profoundly established in over five many years of our rich history and culture. We endeavor to be an incredible work environment for all individuals. By grasping and utilizing the intensity of decent variety in our partners and encouraging a comprehensive work environment, we amplify our abilities, reinforce our client's pertinence, and convey creative answers for business challenges. We trust in open correspondence about our assorted variety goals, and comprehend decent variety speaks to more than numbers and information. Based on a recent study, 38 percent of the official VP advancements were ladies, 34 percent of official advancements were ladies, 22 percent were minorities, 27 percent of our corporate officials were ladies, 20 percent were non-white individuals, 54 percent of hourly partners advanced in our stores and clubs were ladies, 77 percent of our store and club activities the executives began as hourly partners.

Walmart’s mission statement is “to save people money so they can live better.” It shows how the company seeks to implement critical strategies that can bring a remarkable difference in anything it touches. Some of the elements that relate to this mission statement include:

  • Improving people's lives
  • Financial liberation
  • Exceeding expectations

“Walmart believes they are best equipped to help associates and customers. the communities they serve live better when we really know them. Understanding, respecting and valuing diversity unique styles, experiences, identities, ideas, and opinions while being inclusive of all people.”

Different workers at Walmart score the organization 66/100 crosswise over different culture classes, setting Walmart in the top half of organizations in the United States with the Employees for Comparably's decent variety score. The Diversity score gives bits of knowledge into how assorted representatives feel and rate their work involvement with Walmart crosswise over different culture measurements. The employees at Walmart have appraised the environment, team, and work culture as the most elevated classifications they have scored.

Ethical policy

Walmart prides itself on having one of the strictest and most stringent ethics policies in the industry. Employees are not allowed to accept any type of gift from nobody. Millions of employees are encouraged to report any ethics violations that they might suspect or see.

An outstanding model for out-of-line work rehearses in an enormous organization is Walmart, which has been openly derided for its out-of-line pay and working conditions both in the United States and abroad. This has escalated to where a Walmart Chinese Workers‟ Association (WCWA) has been formed in the hopes to promote “job security and real collective bargaining rights” for their workers. These workers, throughout their supply chain, feel that Walmart has not been working in the best interests of their employees (Chen). The company handled the situation by negotiating with the All-China Federation of Trade Union, to set up local offices at territory stores in 2006, however, grassroots work advocates and state associations have so far done little for laborers other than stifle agitation.

Walmart is attempting to improve its ethics reputation alongside its notoriety for social obligation and corporate administration. In 2004 Walmart shaped its Global Ethics Office and discharged an updated Global Statement of Ethics. The plan of the Global Ethics Office is to spread a moral corporate culture among its worldwide partners.

Walmart claims that in a time of a while the firm talked with 1,000 market workforce in different nations, committed $35 million to new procedures and methods, and created moral instructional meetings for in excess of 19,000 partners. In 2014 it discharged its first Global Compliance Program Report itemizing the progressions it has made. The report arranged the progressions into three expansive territories: individuals, approaches and procedures, and frameworks. The progressions incorporate a totally new corporate division that consolidates morals, consistency, examinations, and lawful issues into a brought-together association.

Leadership & Followership

Traditionally, Walmart's leadership attempts to integrate the values of its founder Sam Walton into the organizational culture in order to improve employee morale with positive implications on the bottom line. Walmart's executive team comprises 29 senior managers. Some representatives of the executive management board are the following:

  • Doug McMillon: President and CEO, Walmart Inc.
  • Dan Bartlett: Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs
  • Brett Briggs: Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Walmart
  • Rachel Brand: Executive Vice President of Global Governance, Chief Legal Officer, and Corporate Secretary
  • John Furner: President and CEO, Walmart U.S.
  • Suresh Kumar: Executive Vice President, Global Chief Technology Officer and Chief Development Officer, Walmart Inc
  • Marc Lore: President and CEO, Walmart U.S. eCommerce
  • Judith McKenna: President and CEO, Walmart International
  • Kathryn McLay: President and CEO, Sam’s Club

Also, Walmart has a board of directors who ensure that the company operates with integrity and accountability. The board it is formed by 11 directors which are the following:

  • Gregory B. Penner: Chairman of the Walmart Inc. Board of Directors and General Partner of Madrone Capital Partners
  • Cesar Conde: Chairman of NBCUniversal International Group and NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises
  • Timothy P. Flynn Retired Chairman and CEO of KPMG International
  • Sarah Friar: CEO of Nextdoor
  • Carla A. Harris: Vice Chairman of Wealth Management, Head of Multicultural Client Strategy, Managing Director, and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley
  • Tom Horton: Senior Advisor at Warburg Pincus, LLC, and Retired Chairman and CEO of American Airlines
  • Marissa A. Mayer: Co-founder of Lumi Labs, Inc., and Former President and CEO of Yahoo!, Inc.
  • Doug McMillon: President and CEO, Walmart Inc.
  • Steven S Reinemund: Managing Partner - Highline Group Retired Dean of Business at Wake Forest University and Retired Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Inc.
  • Steven S Reinemund: Managing Partner - Highline Group Retired Dean of Business at Wake Forest University and Retired Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Inc.
  • Steuart Walton: Founder, RZC Investments, LLC

Walmart has been so effective on the grounds that the pioneers at Walmart have consistently had the option to inject the energy, inspiration, and strategy required to run such a major organization. The company’s good leadership has been the most significant factor in taking the organization higher than ever. Pioneers at Walmart lay a great deal of accentuation on representative satisfaction and the way that upbeat workers lead to happy clients. In spite of the fact that there have been a few claims against Walmart in such a manner, the company has taken the issue and has begun an employee engagement program. Based on the information obtained, Walmart implements an employee-oriented leadership style.


I think successfully Walmart has become from a single store to the biggest retailer in the US and to the biggest company in the world. The cost management strategy of WalMart will create an operational model with the lowest cost which will increase the margin of profit on the financial statements.

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