Project Time Management

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Communication of Schedule Baseline

A schedule baseline can be referred as a target baseline is the original approved project schedule, which is agreed by project stakeholders before the project starts. It does not change. It normally includes the expected time scale for delivery of the final project outcomes such as estimated costs and estimated use of resources.

Firstly, stakeholders imagine the project with bigger picture so that the project manager should clearly communicate with then to identify, document their goals and purposes. The stakeholders need to share the detailed description of the project so that it helps the organisation.

  • Schedule a meeting: It is one of the most common method used in an organization. This method can save time in conveying the messages to large number of people in an organization.
  • Scheduling a conference call: It is one of common method used in some situation where the issues is too urgent for a meeting.
  • Lunch meeting: It is one of the informal way of communication with stakeholders, but it is great idea for getting honest feedbacks.

Tracking Schedule

We can find the variances in the project that we got off from the track; that means the tasks which are delayed from the planned schedule. Here we can see the variances of -5, -5, and -2. To get on track to the project, we need to find out some solutions:

  • Firstly, we need to figure out why our project got off from the track and find out the solution to that problem.
  • Modify or add to the original objectives if people’s needs have been changed.
  • We needed to work with team members to confirm, modify, or to eliminate the activities which are originally identified or add new ones.
  • Revise our original schedule and allow for the work to complete the remaining work by the required end date.
  • We should recruit additional team members for the project if necessary.
  • We need to identify, analyse, and plan to minimize the negative impact of the risks in the project.

Control Schedule Process

Milestone are the significant points in the execution phase. These project milestones include deliverables, dates, deadlines and other important events. W can get information on outputs and deadlines from the project and add the dates for team meetings and progress meetings with stakeholders. We can also include key externals, such as resource delivery dates, due dates for outsourced tasks and any information can helps to determine the things which are on schedule.

Gantt chart displays tasks that shows which activities in the project overlap and by how much, and identifies project milestones in a bar-chart format. Creating one by using project management software to better track the project. It will provide specific directions on how to construct the chart. Gantt chart displays each task and milestone on the left side and in right side, it displays a bar which record the start, duration and end date.

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Reports are produced by the Project Manager in agreement with the Project Sponsor. It should establish with what progress has been made, what work is left remaining, and what the issues are. For some projects progress, it is reviewed at regular intervals, whereas for others such reviews are carried out at natural breakpoints in the project at the end of stages or at major milestones. The project progress report is often chosen by the project and sponsor.

Implement Agreed Schedule Changes

Monitoring and Controlling a project is the process or activities where the project manager tracks, reviews and revises the project activities in order to creates the deliverable according with the project objectives.

The primary results of the Monitoring and Controlling processes are the project performance reports and implementing project changes. The focus for project management is to analyse the project performance to determine whether a change is needed in the plan for the remaining project activities to achieve the project goals.

  1. Clarify: Clarify the problem by asking questions like in which part of the project did it occur? Who was involved? When did it happen?
  2. Investigate: Investigate the details about what happened and gather data from both the project activity and the surrounding environment.
  3. Evaluate: Evaluate the options to address the problem. Consider the impact on the project objectives that each potential solution would likely have. What new risks are associated with each potential solution?
  4. Choose: Choose among the viable solution/recovery paths. If necessary, coordinate the decision with key stakeholders.
  5. Implement: Implement the selected solution/recovery path. Modify the project plan with respect to any changes in scope, resources, or scheduled dates of any activities. Update the risk register.
  6. Validate: Validate that the solution/recovery path is achieving the desired results.
  7. Review Project Time Management

(Review your project performance in terms of time management. Would your time management activities be considered effective? Why/why not?)

Project Management Reviews are formal documented meetings with the project team and key stakeholders that review the current status of the project as compared to the original project plan. The format for these reviews is usually set by the stakeholders and addresses the topics that are most important to them. The review may be a formal meeting, it may be an informal discussion setting, a written report, or an update to an electronic dashboard.

Time management activities can be considered as effective because the project managers use trade-offs during project planning and every week of the project whenever they have a variance or a change request.

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