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Proper Nutrition in Childhood

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It is vital during adolescence to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The benefits include: more energy, improve mood and creating foundation for healthy lifestyle later in life. During adolescence the human body going through many changes and is growing at a very quick pace (Hopkins Medicine, n.d.). By consuming more fruits, vegetables, complex carbs and lean protein, a young body is able to perform at its best. Without proper nutrition you would not be able to enjoy the extracurricular activities such as sports without feeling tired. Proper, balanced nutrition fuels your body, mind and helps to control weight providing a foundation for strong muscles and bones.

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Jacob is 12 years old, weighs 140 lbs. and is 5’3” tall. Currently his diet consists of a large amount of processed food that is high sugar saturated fat, and simple carbohydrates. The main concern I have for Jacob is that he is not eating enough vegetables or fruit. He is also not consuming enough complex carbs. Complex carbs such as whole wheat toast and legumes will provide Jacob with more energy needed for his highly active schedule. His current diet consists of a bowl of sugary cereal with a full 8 oz. glass of milk for breakfast; by starting his day like this he is not receiving the energy his body needs to fuel it. To maintain the amount of energy Jacob needs to continue his active lifestyle it is so important that he is eating a balanced diet consuming the proper macronutrients. It should also be noted that a high level of sugar and saturated fat can lead to childhood obesity and set him up for weight issues in the future. Two micronutrients I think Jacob could incorporate into his diet are Iron and B12 (Healthy, 2016). Jacob could take a children’s multivitamin that will provide him with at least 8 mg of Iron and He can take a daily supplement for each.

Mollie is 15 years old, weighs 110 lbs. and is 5’5”. Mollie is practicing a very active lifestyle. She is a member of the track and cross-country running team, where she burns a high level of fat almost every day. Over the past few months, Mollie has been experiencing drastic loss in weight. Mollie is a practicing lacto-vegetarian, which when done correctly can be a very healthy diet, however, I do not believe Mollie is fully aware of how to eat within the parameters and still be healthy. She only has three meals a day. I believe she is at risk for developing an eating disorder if her diet is not addressed. Two micronutrients Mollie should include in her diet is Iron and Omega 3’s (Healthy, 2016). Being a young adult who is vegetarian puts her at risk for anemia and Omega 3 deficiency, due to the limited sources at which she can receive these nutrients. These nutrients can be gained in a supplement taken once a day.


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