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Religion And Women

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As per studies, many religions elevate the status of men over women. They have stricter sanctions and penalties against women. Many religions also expect them to be submissive. This is because there are fundamentals in each religion that tend to resist change. This leads to hindrance in not only women empowerment but also in other aspects of society.

Social and political factor also plays a major role that can have an impact on women empowerment. Even in today’s world there are places like mosques or temples that don’t allow women to enter. But when asked why, there are no clear answers most of the time but due to religious reasons. This research and analysis is an attempt to evaluate the hypothesis that theere is an influence of religion in shaping the country’s socio-political system which has an impact on women empowerment.


A recent study conducted by the researcher from Georgetown University and Brigham Young University concluded that religious differences has a direct correlation to women’s ability to engage and contribute to the country’s economy. The study shows there is a clear linkage between freedom of religion, stability in economy and women’s empowerment. Several other regression based analysis were conducted that shows the impact of African, Islam and Christianity on women empowerment.


In order to further identify different patterns, clustering method can be performed. Clustering would help us discover some hidden patterns. This wuld help us understand the role of political system in the advancement of women. As we have a mix of numerical and categorical data, we are using Gowers’s distance to observe and analyze our data.

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Once the Gower’s distance is identified, we need to define the size of the clusters by doing Silhouette Analysis. We will use Partitioning around medoids here. It involves different steps which includes choosing k random entities to become the medoids. Using our distance matrix, we will assign entity. We will idetify the lowest averge distance and observe the data.


From all our analysis and observation, we can conclude there there is a direct correlation between religious fractionality on different socio-political system on womean legislation empowerment. This could be due to the traditional beliefs amongst countries and increase in gender gap and legislation in different countries which impact women empowerment.

We have seen religion often causes a barrier in gender gap which contributes to inequality in gender throughout the world.. We need to understand the importance of religious freedom, without that, many countries will miss out on important voices that needs to be heard.

To close this gap in gender, strengthen economies and improve women rights, it is important to understand the religion bias and we need to take serious action on this.



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