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Roles Of Women And Men In Sparta And Athens

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Ancient Athens – a world of men who decided everything. The women, children and slaves were not considered a citizen of ancient Athens government while the men were the real citizens. Only men could engage in government elections and higher councils or officials or committees campaign. Men usually left home to farm or do trading each day to raise the family. Women were not allowed to left house except for collecting water or husband’s permission. The Women collect water from a fountain using amphora. Women needed to do all the household of the family, such as daily cleaning, laundry, making foods and clothes etc if not rich. Wealthy women had slaves to support her to do the chores so they might have time to go to religious events. Men in ancient Athens could go to gymnasium and meet his friends in the agora or other entertainment place. Men relaxed by telling latest jokes and gossips after a meal while women were cleaning up. Women did not have the same living areas with men, the dark and squashy areas for women and the bright and open space for men. From several sources they gave different treatments, levels and roles of women and men.

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Ancient Sparta – a military polis, preparing to battle was the responsibility to every single person. Same as ancient Athens, only men were the citizens of the government. Men would be elected to be kings or ephorate of the government and it would be changed very often. Sparta women’s main role was bear strong and heathy children, to do that women needed to keep fit and exercised a lot. Spartan women could have their own lands and stood up for themselves. Lots of boys killed in the battle or the judge of whether heathy or strong enough for the city- state. Mother was deserting the post and burying her child. The children from in ancient Sparta was not only belonging to a mother but also Sparta. Mothers must admit the truth that her son could die for the Sparta strict rule and harsh battle. Spartan boys left home when they were 7 years old to the military camp. And could marry when he was 18 years old. But needed to stay in the camp until they were 30 years old. Wrestling, whipping, combat practice and eating etc were involving. The accommodation and shelter of the camp were very simple and not considered to be comfortable, which raised the harshness that boys could bear. The military camp was the duty of Spartan boys and the hope depending on every single person. Women did have training as well to strengthen themselves and would be ready to combat when men were away. Sparta did not have much artworks or academic learning because they believed that battling against another city-states or country would be more important.

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