School Shooting: Informative Speech

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The Rise of School Shootings

A. Intended audience and the topic's importance

The intended audience for the topic is parents and the board of governors should since they are responsible for policy and decision-making in the schools. Many schools do not have regulations guiding them on how to deal with gun violence in schools.

B. Presentation

1. Introduction

Attention-getting opening: It is without a doubt that names like NIU, and Columbine among others are still fresh in our minds. It is apparent that these names will forever be embedded not only in our minds but also in our hearts. Undoubtedly, the screams of the children and the rambling bangs from the guns will never be erased from our memories.

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A thesis statement: Due to the rampant increase and ease in accessibility of guns in America, an increase in school shootings has also been tremendously experienced. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each and every individual to educate and protect the students from this engulfing menace. Gun safety courses should therefore be introduced in schools, as well as, educating and arming the qualified teacher so as to improve protection.

Preview of the main points of the presentation: It is imperative to be aware of the increase in gun purchases thus the increase in the number of shootings and injuries that have taken place in the U.S. Therefore, numerous ways of eliminating and decreasing the vice should be established. Teachers should be trained on handling firearms, friendly ways of disarming individuals, and also arming qualified teachers to properly protect the students. Additionally, students should be educated from an early age on gun safety and awareness.

2. Supporting evidence) for the main points

i. Increased gun Purchases in America

According to research done by Statista Research Department, despite other developing nations setting up policies to deal with gun control issues, the U.S. is lagging behind. Nearly 48% of Americans live or lived in a household with firearms. Apparently, the guns have not only been purchased by parents alone, but also students are taking part in the purchase process. In Chicago, more than one hundred and forty students carry firearms to school.

With the current trends and increase in the level of school shootings since 2000, it is crucial to come up with policies that will make gun purchases less accessible and only qualified individuals can be given a chance to own guns. This brings us to the next issue of how to protect ourselves, the children, teachers, and learning institutions at large.

ii. Training and Arming School Teachers

It is obvious that teachers are the first individuals to respond to any form of crisis or danger that face the students. Therefore, training and arming teachers can quicken response time when any form of attack is done. After the first shot is made, a teacher should be trained to handle the situation first and responsibly. Any response to a school shooting needs proper planning and strategizing since there are many lives in danger. According to Gramlich and Schaeffer (2019), the average response time for an active school shooting is around 12 minutes. Any form of response by the police force takes an average of 18 minutes. This is a lot of time for response when students are in danger.

People and the government are not supporting the idea of arming teachers. Therefore the administration should be armed in order to provide the utmost security. This will not only lower the stress instilled in the teachers but also make sure there is enough security.

Arming teachers should only be taken as the last result in combating school shootings. However, there are other ways that can be utilized in preventing the menace in the schools.

iii. Due to the increased levels of gun purchases, school shootings are on the rise.

Therefore, the local communities, as well as, schools are educating people on how o deal with the issue. Courses on gun handling, safety, and dangers should be introduced early in schools. This way, students will be aware of the kind of precautions they should take in case of a shootout. Law enforcement agencies should also take time to go and train students and teachers on issues regarding gun safety. Additionally, parents at home should also make sure they are communicating to the students the different ways to handle issues in regard to firearms.

iv. Conclusion

News about dead children should be unheard-of. Irrefutably, gun purchase and accessibility as been on the rise and it is extremely difficult to curb the issue of mass shootings at learning institutions. The community is responsible for the lives of every individual and that includes the students. Therefore, gun safety and control should be considered as one of the major issues necessary to curb the menace. Laws and regulating regarding the purchase, carrying, and use of guns should be implemented. Licensing should be done after proper evaluation of the homesteads to avoid such cases in the future.

The record of U.S. school shootings from


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