We Need to Stop School Shooting: Persuasive Speech

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The Santa Clarita school shooting is one of the many school shootings that has devastatingly impacted lives in the United States this year alone.

The Santa Clarita school shooting is another nightmare that became a reality. A student attending a California high school named Nathaniel Berhaw killed and injured some of his classmates. Gracie Muehlberger who was fifteen years old and fourteen- year old Dominic Blackwell were murdered by Nathaniel Berhaw. Three other students were transported to the hospital due to injuries. Sixteen-year-old Nathaniel Berhaw committed suicide once he was discovered. Since there was no actual motive present it is interpreted that Nathaniel Berhaw suffered from mental health issues. As one of the many school shootings this year, it still did not fail to traumatize any less. I came across this story as it was broadcasted on the news. It was described as another fatal school shooting.

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Since school shootings have been frequent and unexpected, schools should take the necessary precautions to protect the safety of their students. Schools have to enforce drills, plans, and regular check-ups on the mental health of each student attending. For example, the California school and Nathaniel Berhaw’s parents were unaware of his mental health of him. He murdered two students younger than him, and he committed suicide right after. This is an indication of unseen mental health issues. More than two hundred- thirty thousand adolescents have experienced gun violence since 1999’s massacre at Columbia High. We need to inform students, check up on students, and take every precaution necessary to prevent this from happening anymore. If not there is fear for the future for all generations.

Santa Clarita school shooting is one of the seventy estimated school shootings this year alone. In these incidents over four- hundred were wounded and over two- hundred were killed. There were the Manassas High School, Douglass High School, Robert E. Lee, Prescott, and the Stem School Highlands Ranch school shootings this year alone. Educators who risked their lives to protect their students or dozens of grieving parents who have to bury their teenage children, should not have to worry if each goodbye is the last one. Students should be spending their days engaged in assignments and school activities, not in regular school shooting drills. School shootings have become inevitable. Families and students should be assured that school is a haven preparing them for the future. Guns are now the third-leading cause of death for children in the United States. Every year, guns kill 1,300 United States children. How can this be acceptable? School shootings also affect the Church, because church leaders have to bear witness to the fatalities of God’s children. Churches are also another target for mass shootings. Church leaders have to pray for students and families after these school shootings.

This event at Santa Clarita only clarifies the intensity of school shootings. I attend school every day, fearing the worst. Based upon review students, and staff that witness school shootings are most likely to suffer from traumatic stress symptoms. School shootings affect mental health even more than before. I now have general concerns for my safety wherever I go. I should be able to attend my school without having to worry about school shootings happening. I should not have to worry if the last goodbye I say to my parents is my last goodbye to them in general. They should not have to constantly keep tabs on my safety, by using apps like “Life 360”. Instead, they should be able to trust that their child is in good hands. As students, parents, educators, and education advisers we must take action.

To protect the safety of future generations we must take action immediately. Schools should enforce drills and tests and regularly check up on the mental health of all students. These strategies can reduce the toll of these tragic events. More than two- hundred thirty thousand students have experienced gun violence in their lives.

School shootings need to end. This is our future, our country, and our lives at stake, we need to put an end to this immediately.

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