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Native American Culture In Sherman Alexie's Poems

Screeching, chanting, stomping, murderous, barbaric, savages. Portrayed in The Last of the Mohicans, A Man Called Horse, Windwalker, Cheyenne Autumn, and countless others, these are the American Indians that Hollywood has created for viewers across the country since the 1960s. In movies and novels, the same brutish men wearing colossal feathered headdresses protecting the one beautiful Native girl from their tribe, the American explorer triumphantly rescuing her and giving her what her people never could–this is how Sherman Alexie depicts...
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Sherman Alexie and Li Young Lee: Comparative Essay

The love for poetry and writing can begin with the simple routine of listening to the soothing voices of parents reading a bedtime story. Unfortunately for some, such as Sherman Alexie, the sweetest routines are not a part of their everyday life while growing up. Defying the odds at a young age, Alexie survived life-threatening health conditions, bullied because of his appearance and an absent father. As a boy, he was much influenced by his maternal grandmother, a spiritual leader...
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Sherman Alexie: Cultural Survival Strategies Of American Indians

By way of analyzing the significance of mental acts such as dreaming, daydreaming and imagining in American Indian worldview, and exploring the importance of humor as a notable characteristic of American Indian cultural identity, I have tried to demonstrate how these culturally important acts and characteristics are used as means of survival by American Indians who are exposed to discrimination, racial intolerance and genocidal oppression by European settlers. Especially by focusing on dreams, imaginations and humor, I have examined how...
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Sherman Alexie's The Facebook Sonnet: Poetry Analysis

From Instagram to Facebook and Snapchat, it is clear that social media plays a role in today’s society. In fact, the implications of these online platforms are evident through the obsessive “refreshing” tendencies and mental health concerns of current citizens. In Sherman Alexie’s poem “The Facebook Sonnet,” the author satirizes these current controversies surrounding social media and illuminates their detrimental impact on contemporary society. Sherman Alexie begins his poem by focusing on the false persona users employ on popular social...
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Stereotype About Native Americans Alcoholism In The Sherman Alexie's Novel The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian

For many years, Native Americans have encompassed a negative pool of stereotypes; one of these negative stereotypes is the attachment to the term “alcoholics”. In today’s society, the propaganda, that “all Native Americans” are being insensitively addicted to alcohol, is extremely offensive; this is because it stigmatizes an unfortunate disease some members, within their culture, face. Members of this discourse community whom are authors are commonly attracted to this method (of exposing reality). For instance, Sherman Alexie — a prominent...
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Sherman Alexie: Literature Works, Themes And Awards

Sherman Alexie is a Native American. When he starts to attend literature classes at his university and after that, he found that he liked it. “He found his life her” Professor Alex Kuo. After that, Sherman started writing Known For Novelist Short story Writer Poet Film Maker Performer Themes Alexie usually explores despair, poverty, violence, and alcoholism in the lives of Native Americans, both inside and outside protected areas in his work. The main characters in most of his literary...
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Rhetorical Devices In Sherman Alexie's Indian Education

Sherman Alexie wrote “Indian Education”, and does a splendid job at showing different types of rhetorical devices, such as ethos, pathos, logos, symbolism, irony, and even hyperbole. Even though Alexie faced many struggles because he was different, he still had the strength and willpower to receive a good education and he uses several rhetorical devices to help show his life over the years. The story takes place in an Indian Reservation, as well as a predominantly white school outside of...
2 Pages 1013 Words

Irony And Sarcasm In The Works Of Sherman Alexie

Humour is a very distinctive feature in Native American contemporary writings. Humour can be distinguished as the Native American seriousness, naturalness and the capacity to state and feel the reality of things in their life. Humour is occasionally the best weapon of defense for the indigenous literary characters. In addition, it is a helpful way to handle the issues of injustice, racism, and discrimination that they confronted. So, humour is a rather popular style which the contemporary Native American writers...
1 Page 670 Words

Sherman Alexie: Personal Life, Writing Style And Native American Identity

Understanding Sherman Alexie’s life from early childhood until now, is a significant way to understand his works and Native American society in the past and in the current time as well. Sherman Alexie is a prominent contemporary native American author. He was born on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Welpinit, Washington on October 7, 1966. Despite the hydrocephalic disease, water in his brain, from his birth, Alexie could read by the age of three. He read Steinbeck’s The Grapes of...
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The Flames Of Forgiveness In The Film Smoke Signals

The movie, Smoke Signals, written by Sherman Alexie and directed by Chris Eyre and produced in 1998. This film begins on July 4, 1976 on the Coeur d’ Alene Reservation. This movie has a variety amount of metaphors and themes spread throughout the movie. The themes consisted within this film are forgiveness, the importance of friendship, the danger of alcoholism, handling family conflicts, and fire being a huge metaphor/symbol in this movie as well. But the one theme that draws...
3 Pages 1294 Words

The Blossoming Of A Character With Anaphora, Imagery And Repetition In The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian

The fastest man ever to exist is Sherlock Holmes, he only needs five seconds to read a person. Still, he cannot read the journey of a person. Character development is the colours that fill paintings, which Sherman Alexie did brilliantly. The book is written in the perspective of a teenage Indian boy, Junior, living on a reservation. The story follows Junior’s adventure when he moves to a school full of white kids, Wellpinit. Alongside of his adventures, he slowly begins...
2 Pages 983 Words
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