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Should Vaccination Be Mandatory?

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Matthew F. Daley and Jason M. Glanz created an article named “Straight Talk about Vaccination”, and by analyzing the article, I agree with it a hundred percent on the importance of child vaccination. Vaccination is primarily important for the lifespan of children and babies. Medical officials consider vaccines to be safe and effective, because it is a way to prevent future diseases and protect the adolescence from encountering them. This article gives factual information in regard to diseases that children have encountered because of the parental decisions to deny vaccination.

The article not only explains the importance of vaccination but also discusses why anti-vaxxers are against it. It gives leading information and facts towards the importance of vaccination in today’s society and gives real world situations that have happened due to the lack of vaccines. Many adults choose not to get their children vaccinated because they believe that it has some major side effects towards their children and the possibility of life-long term problems. However, because of social media many adults believe that vaccines are dangerously poisoning because of what they read on the internet towards vaccination which in the end turns out to be misleading information.

As advised in the article, “In 2015 a large multistate measles outbreak started at a California amusement park, and many of those infected were unvaccinated children” (Daley, Glanz 2, 2). It stated a real-life situation that had actually happened on how the health of children could be easily be endangered and how contagious measles is. Not being vaccinated also puts premature babies’ life on the line because they are the most vulnerable to infection. We could be put in jeopardy by not being vaccinated, which also could cause harm to our infant children with just a touch or a kiss which in the end could be deadly. This outbreak that was mentioned should be an eyeopener and a movement to get children vaccinated because other children could be at risk.

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A very good point was made by Daley and Glanz, because they conducted a study in the state of Colorado in regard to unvaccinated and vaccinated children. They stated that their investigations “… compared the risk of various vaccine-preventable diseases in children whose parents had refused or delayed vaccines with the risk in children whose parents had them vaccinated” (Daley, Glanz 5, 5). And by looking at their results they argued that unvaccinated children were more prone to catch common diseases rather than vaccinated children that were from the same communities. And obviously it is the parent’s decision to have their children vaccinated but most parents are misinformed. And since the antivaccine movement that occurred in 1998 a lot of parents still today believe that there is a lot of potential risks due to vaccinations.

A major argument stated in the article came from the anti-vaccine movement proposed by Andrew J. Wakefield and advised, “… measles vaccine could cause autism in susceptible children” (Daley, Glanz 7, 7). Daley and Glanz opinions advised, “In the years since, more than a dozen studies have convincingly shown that vaccines do not cause autism”. This is very convincing and should be researched thoroughly by anti-vaxxers before jumping to conclusions that vaccines can cause disorders. I agree that vaccines don’t cause autism because there are many theories that speculate that autism does not result from vaccines. Also, believing non reliable sources such as social media causes a major speculation that vaccines cause much more than autism. I have social media such as Facebook and most of the articles that are presented regarding health issues don’t include actual facts and are based off personal beliefs. If we are concerned whether it’s about vaccinations or other health problems, it is important to sit and talk to a doctor or a physician and ask questions so that we can get reliable answers.

This article supports the importance of vaccinations which I agree that vaccines should be mandatory. It gives various reasons that vaccines should be condoned because it can result to serious diseases such as measles. The authors provide evidence that give readers factual information in regard to their investigations. They show the lack of vaccines in a community and the comparisons between vaccinated and non-vaccinated children. What was most convincing was that autism is not actually caused by vaccines, the authors gave reasons that society shouldn’t embrace these speculations because it was found falsifying. Ultimately, one thing that should’ve been mentioned in this article was that no vaccine is a hundred percent curable. But understanding the causes and effects of non-vaccinations as this article had mentioned, there could be ways to keep children and communities safe and prevent disease outbreaks.

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