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Similarities And Differences Between Book And Film Lord Of The Flies

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There are some differences that we can notice between the movies and book “Lord of the Flies”. The reason that there are differences is because the book is written by William Golding’s while the movie is made by Harry Hook’s so that’s why we can recognize some differences , but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have similarities between those two. In my opinion book had more details and was very easy to understand also the plot of the book had better event because they shared the same name but they didn’t share the same plot.

In the very beginning i saw that the book starts with the plain falling to the island when while ine the movie we see the scene directly to the Island.When the plane crashed to the Island in the book we start with Ralph and Piggy but in the movie it starts with all of the boys from the group. . After the boys fall in the island in the movie the pilot asked for some water meanwhile in book he was dead. Later when boys started presenting I noticed while I was reading at Litnutts they are 5-6 years old but in the movie they were older.

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Later is this thing about the signal fire which was made by the boys because it was an order from Ralph. He made this because he thought that if a ship comes near their Island they cant notice them so they should make smoke on top of the mountain so they made fire.AS we know this plan failed and it was Jac’s fault because he was distracted killing a pig. But the difference is that there passed a plane by the Island not the ship that they were waiting for but still they didn’t saw any smoke because of Jac.

At the time when they complained about seeing the beast the novel and book explains in the different way, in the novel as we read we can see that Sam and Eric saw the beast but watching the movie we notice that the ones that saw the beast was one of littluns.In the novel the author explains how Simon starts talking to Lord of the Flies different from the movie Simon doesn’t talk to Lord of the Flies.

There are a lot of differences that we can see between novel and movie but both of them share with us the same story. I would prefer reading the book because of the details and informations that we see are more understandable and enjoyable.

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