Speculations over the Events on 9/11: Opinion Essay

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According to the BBC and British newspapers, several of the nineteen men are still alive and have been spotted. A father of one of the supposed terrorists said in an interview that he had spoken to his son after the attack saying that he was fine. The father stated that his son's passport was taken and he is either now in hiding or has been kidnapped by the FBI. This interview provides further evidence that the terrorists were framed by the FBI however, it could be argued that the father is in denial that his son may have participated in a terrorist attack. Nonetheless, every person involved or found responsible has come forward to say that they were framed but there are no interviews nor official statements so we can only speculate. Despite the overwhelming amount of questions from the nation and world, no new information nor denial of the statements from the ‘terrorists’ saying that they were framed has been released. Does this mean that the government did use these attacks as a justification to invade Iraq and Afghanistan to secure oil interests? Again, we can only speculate.

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Additionally, to support the claim that the 9/11 terror attacks were a government cover-up and that the motive was also to profit from ‘insider trading’ and manipulation for stock values of United Airlines and American Airlines is the collapse of World Trade Centre 7. Seven hours after the two towers fell, the 47 story World Trade Centre 7 collapsed. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, also known as FEMA, reported that the collapse of World Trade Centre 7 was primarily due to fire. However, WTC-7 does not fall sideways nor does it collapse unevenly, as it would if it was a fire. For this to have happened, all of the buildings’ vertical support must have given way at exactly the same time. Furthermore, it has been claimed by theorists that the video footage clearly shows that it was not a collapse subsequent to a fire, but it was a controlled demolition instead. Suspicions also have been raised that this was a planned collapse as the BBC news channel reported the fall of WTC-7 20 minutes before it happened. However, this could have simply been due to a miscommunication or set up ahead of time. Larry Silverstein has been blamed for having insider information and suspiciously was not at World Trade Centre 7 on the day of the attacks. He has been said to have purchased the buildings as he knew that a terrorist attack was going to happen so he wanted to purchase WTC 7 in order to gain the insurance from it. Silverstein did also mention in an interview that WTC-7 was destroyed by a controlled demolition but investigators reported the reason for its collapse was primarily due to fire. A put option is a stock market instrument that gives the holder the right to sell an asset at a specified price by a given date to the writer of the put. Conspiracy theorists state that just before the events of 9/11, an exceptional amount of put options were placed on the United Airlines and American Airlines stocks, allowing people to form theories that insiders may have known in advance the imminent events of 9/11, accordingly placing their bets. In the days leading up to 9/11, analysis shows an upsurge in the put to call ratio for United Airlines and American Airlines, the two airlines from which planes were hijacked on 9/11. Between September 6th and 7th, the Chicago Board Options Exchange recorded purchases of 4,744 'put' option contracts in UAL and 396 call options. In Chicago on September 10th, there was more trading in the purchase of ‘4,516 put options in American Airlines, the other airline involved in the hijackings, with a mere 748 call options in American purchased that day. It is said that not a single airline company, other than United Airlines and American Airlines, had an unusual put to call ratio in the days leading up to the attacks. The 9/11 Commission determined that all these abnormal patterns in trading were purely coincidental. It was estimated that the trader or traders would have realised a five-million-dollar profit. The Securities and Exchange Commission instigated an insider trading investigation within which ‘Osama bin Laden was a suspect after receiving information from at least one Wall Street Firm’.

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