Spring Season vs Autumn Season Essay

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There may be four seasons in one year for most in the Western part of the world, but two out of four of those are usually confused with one another ‘“ especially when you consider the culture and practices attached to it. These two seasons are called autumn and spring, and apart from one preceding the other, there are also glaring differences between the two.

The spring season is usually associated with rebirth, since the winter months have finally finished and everything ‘“ plant life, animal and human life ‘“ is slowly getting out of its slumber and back in to the bright sunlight. Spring is when weather can be considered as absolutely perfect because you still have the crisp chill left over from winter yet you also get to see more flowers popping up here and there.

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Autumn, on the other hand, is when all these colors transition into different levels of reds and browns and become crisp, falling off for children to sweep or collect. If the leaves in spring are bright green, the leaves in autumn are a magnificent red. Spring is the signal that winter has already ended, and autumn is the signal that summer is finally over and done with. For many people, spring lets them look towards summery days and vacations ahead ‘“ while autumn signifies the reality of going back to school and the routines of the most part of the year.

Colorful plants and green leaves versus brilliant reds and browns and falling leaves ‘“an awakening from the cold, and the end of the hot summer heat. The eager anticipation of sunny days and breezy nights, and the stark reality of a vacation ended on a high note. These are usually the things that come to mind when you try to differentiate between the two seasons of spring and autumn.

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