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Abstract This study investigated the relationship between superstitions and the personality traits of an individual in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra population. 300 individuals completed two tests, one based on common superstitions found in the city and the other Big Five Personality Test. The samples were collected between the age group of 18-50 years. Out of 300 samples collected, 232 samples showed high correlation between neuroticism and the level of superstitions. This research was conducted in order to provide support...
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Step on a crack break your mother's back, the number 13, the number 17, breaking a mirror, cross paths with a black cat. These are some of the most common superstitions among people in the world. As a child, you would hear your mother tell you not to walk under a ladder, or when you say something terrible that it might happen, so you better knock on wood. Children grew up hearing these superstitions never aware of where they came...
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Miguel Proença, born in Portugal 1984, is a documentary photographer that uses his photographs to comment on how society is now ruled by science and technology. The photograph by Miguel that I have chosen to analyze is the ‘Traditional Pagan Costume’. This photograph comes from his ‘Behind the Hill’ collection that contains photographs by him of people and places that relate to his interest in superstition, faith and nature. The photograph is of a child wearing a traditional pagan outfit...
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Lu Xun’s “Medicine” (1919) Presents the lives of ordinary Chinese people in the aftermath of the revolution. The theme of superstition runs strong, throughout the story. Faced with a situation of sheer despair, the central characters, Old Chuan and his wife opt for getting the blood of an executed individual in the belief of its healing power. The opening of the story introduces us to a community where unfounded beliefs play an important role. Old Chuan and his wife have...
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Superstition is a valuable part of English literature. From Homer to Shakespeare, the supernatural is used to create a more interesting story. According to Merriam Webster, “superstition is a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance or a false conception of causation”(Merriam Webster). Superstition has played a part in literature for centuries. Some examples of superstition are witches, gods, goddesses, monsters, ghosts, and fate. “Witches are credited with usually malignant super powers”...
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Religion Religion has sown its seed in human communities for as long the human consciousness can perceive. The reality and the conception of this abstract purity is a lubricant to the human society to dwell in sociological lives. However, the abstract idea of religion has always fallen before questions of logic and scientific understanding, and the belief systems merely dignified their superiority in ways that are supernatural, spiritual, miraculous, and often remain unexplained from human perception of rationality and logic....
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Rationality, a term that basically means the art of thinking in a rational manner that is irrespective of illogical thinking and involves mere practical as well as theoretical; in general logical aspects of interpreting the concept behind the happening or an action that is to be judged or acted upon. Unlike superstitions, Rationality doesn’t heed to the merely scripted philosophies by saints or philosophers in the ancient eras; generally doesn’t accept the thoughts that are just written and in contrast...
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Several people are superstitious or participate in superstitious demeanors, even without being cognizant of these actions. More than half of Americans admit to being superstitious, according to a recent Gallup poll. Superstitious deportment is an action one engages in to produce a specific outcome, such as knocking on wood, avoiding a black cat, reading horoscopes, having a lucky item, and many more. Not only that, but superstitions additionally include expecting an outcome often out of your control, and doing things...
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Growing up in a family where sports come second only to religion, many things done go unquestioned and are learned behaviors. One of my earliest sports memories happened at a Detroit Red Wings game in Columbus, with a former Red Wing being my namesake my mom got her, and me a ticket to a game. Before the third period, I distinctly remember the corpse of an octopus flying from the stands and splatting right into the middle of the rink...
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Introduction “Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” ― Bertrand Russell, Unpopular Essays Superstitions usually give a negative vibe, since most of them talk about “bad luck” and about things we shouldn’t do. I don’t agree with Bertrand Russell when he says that “Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty” since fear isn’t the main reason...
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