The Concept of Uncertainty Reduction Theory

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I will introduce first my theory, Uncertainty Reduction Theory. Uncertainty Reduction Theory explains the communication process occurs in two strangers interact. Charles Berger and Richard Calabrese (1975) states that when we communicate with strangers, we experience uncertainty because we don’t really know what to expect. The importance of this theory is we discover what are the steps to cope with uncertainty to strangers. We all experience to meet someone new, someone we didn’t know and when you try to communicate with that person you feel awkwardness cause of you didn’t know that person really that much and you have nothing to say.

For example, You are a freshmen and you don’t have friends in the classroom, you feel awkward towards your classmate and you don’t want to talk to anyone unless someone approach you first and then you talk with that person. That scenario explains that you feel uncertain to someone or in your environment. But trying to reduce uncertain feeling is not hard to do. I will suggest that observe first, because it’s bad to judge person easily. I know that we are having expectations in every person but set aside it because you didn’t know that person much, it didn’t solve the problem of uncertain feeling.

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Second is try to search his or her Facebook, if you have mutual friends and if it have you try to gain information in your mutual friends about that person if what are his/her interest. Third, is you have to interact with that person. You try to communicate with them, if you have mutual interest, Go! Talk about it and there you go, you can talk something deep conversations that are personal if you feel it lessen the uncertain feeling with that person. To make my statement be true According to claim that when the interaction started we gain information that can reduces our uncertainties. You can let go your feelings and don’t have to pretend one. You can express more than before because you let go your uncertain feelings. And for the last steps build relationship with that person you can treat her as a friend, best friend, a sister/brother or something higher being a relationship. It’s up to you. Know your feelings first before you two began have a label. Relationships can be seen as systems of information exchange that can reduce uncertainty in order to survive.

This theory is applicable on Tinder, Tinder is an online dating app that was launched on 2012 in which users can know persons based on their chosen location. You can select what age bracket do you want. For example, from 19-24 years of age. You can swipe right and swipe left, Swipe right means you like the person maybe you like the photo, the school where he/she study, his/her work, or bio on his/her profile. Swipe left means you didn’t like the profile because of looks, job, or bio. And if the two users swipe right they match up and started to have conversations. Many people use Tinder it’s just like 50 million people use Tinder every month, with more than 1 billion profile swipes per day. Because of its popularity there are many apps copy the concept of Tinder just like Tantan and Grindr for gays. Why it is applicable on URT because using Tinder makes you feel uncertain on many users, Tinder users are most you didn’t know that much, they can fake their identities, or have a unique way to expose themselves in dating app services. It’s very hard to trust someone that you met in dating apps, so users should be careful, choose wisely to the strangers that look trustworthy. Online dating participants, should be engage in information-seeking strategies to verify the accuracy of the identity claims of the users in Tinder, in order to make themselves less susceptible. Self-disclosure was claimed as an interactive uncertainty reduction strategy. Users in Tinder should be willing to self-disclose themselves and reveal their profile information just to be trusted by anyone. In other words, online daters tend to seek information first on their potential partners before they try to talk to them and share their info on them. In Tinder where everyone is due to salient concerns about misrepresentation and frequent acts of deceptive self-presentation.

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