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The Factors And Impacts Of Uber On Earth

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Uber is a multinational company that offer private transportation. Almost ten years ago This company has made a splash in San Francisco by letting you order a car easily with your smartphone. Uber was founded a decade ago by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in San Francisco, California, United States of America. The beginning of Uber has started in in the summer of 2008 when Travis Kalanick the successful mannered Canadian software designer, he was waiting for a cab in san Francisco. He has been waiting nearly half an hour for a cab that has promised him to be there in 15 minutes. So he just got in another empty cab that doesn’t belong to the company he ordered a cab from. So it has started as very simple idea, what if you could request a trip from your smart phone?, so he thought about doing an app that you just press pick me up whenever u want and wherever u are, and here where Uber comes out from. What has started that way to press a button to get a ride has made billions of moments and human connections as people around the planet go all kinds of places in all types of ways in help with the Uber application. After the making of Uber, the service was first tried in new York in mid 2010 by using just three autos and the official lunch occurred in San Francisco in May. Uber is now is currently operating in 58 countries and is valued at over 60 billion dollars and it was estimated that it would cross $100 million gross revenue within a year. It had crossed that goal in only six months.i It will be interesting while watching the company’s plan forgoing public by the end of 2019. Uber is now being calculated to be having a 100 million worldwide users and 69% of the market share in the united states, and although it’s not just expanding worldwide as a transportation service company but also as a food delivery service for restaurants and coffeeshops. Regardless when the Uber company has started they were veichles only and they had nine thousand customers and 1.8 million in their net salary, but now as we can see they are going further more, beyond how it was estimated. While it’s valuation to tech over and over, Uber has attracted more and more investors, Uber has also fought with a lot of rivals and directors as it has switched from a black car service into an professional logistics company with a more forwarded vision of looking for a future of self- driving cars. As it has opposed dangers from the taxi business and even it’s very own drivers.This report will discuss the methods by which the Uber company has grown in size and the reasons for choosing these methods it will also consider the political-legal, economic, socio-cultural, environmental and technological (PESTLE) factors which are shaping the external environment in which Uber is operating. Environmental factors of Uber , Uber’s impact on the earth is regularly moving.


it has became many object that in 2014, in Paris , London, Berlin and Madrid the taxi drivers had staged a large scale protest against Uber , because the taxi companies have guaranteed that since Uber stays away from their costly permit charges and bypasses local laws it makes an unfair challenge between them. Uber has faced discussions. In it’s basic advancement , but Uber didn’t have clear regulations. So It was difficult to pinpoint the laws , if there’s an accident who should they blame the Uber driver or the company itself?. They have faced other investigations world wide , like France field charges based on advertising, the Netherlands ruled against Uber for their drivers not having taxi licenses.

Economic factors of Uber

The business that Uber works in is a sharing economy, so that means that the company’s economy is based on sharing physical or creative resources. In this case, the company let drivers to respond to customers and drive them to a location they wanted. It’s usually feels cheaper than taxis and much easier to schedule an appointment so why not. While all these achievements the company has made since it’s launch, but some countries have restricted its services for Uber having an unfair competition against regular taxis.

Uber has literally turned the traditional taxi industry on it’s head by using a way more friendly and an extremely easy way that moves you from point A to point B. As they started floating from city to city, the Uber team began clarifying their type of playbook, by refining the system in a more economical way.

Technological factors of Uber

Uber isn’t only changing transportation through their technology. Uber’s irritating innovation, super speed growth and steady contrast , makes it a highlight amongst the most engaging organisations to lead over the previous decade. Uber floating like water through social media, people explaining their trip experiences online spread and share stories. It has supported new clients to do the same.Clients are searching for another cheaper transportation solution and the it has successfully fulfilled this need. With just a little press on your smartphone saying pick me up. Clients make appointments through their app, and the estimate for the ride cost also appears in the app, it depends on many factors like drop off location, traffic and weather. The clients can also pay for the trip up front through the app too. And drivers who are on trip can respond to another trip if it’s on the same way. Although the app is super important to the company , the company can’t function any trips if the app just goes down or suffers any errors , so the company must ensure every thing is working, reliable and ready to go.

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Legal factors

Uber faces much criticism, bans and attempted bans In areas around the world, the company must follow technical usage laws , copyright laws, and most importantly labor and employee safety laws.

Environmental factors

Many trust it expands traffic clog and fuel usage because of it’s many cars but studies has shown that Uber hasn’t increased congestion. Because most of people who uses Uber they have cars so it doesn’t make any differences. Although people they us Uber instead of public transportation so researches may need to compare the company’s fuel usage versus public transportations and own transportation to calculate analysis of Uber’s environmental impact.

The almost ten year old young organization not before too long it has became the one of the most esteemed companies on the planet. In any case, just with it’s development it has became many object And here were Uber has lost it’s license to operate in London where the company had 40,000 registered drivers in October 2017.that has thumped down it’s valuation from taking of $70 billion to $48 billion in it’s last funding round in January 2018. As Uber’s battle biggest battle yet comes too close, we just look back at how the company has became what it is today. On may, 2018 the Uber company has announced a sensitive offer that would push them to $62 billion. Earlier in 2018 a Japanese arranged SoftBank group, alongside with Dragoneer, a group of Japanese investors, they have successfully made a bid for 20% of Uber’s stock, while their valuation at this time was low. The deal has given Uber a very powerful partner in Asia that could help Uber to comeback and turn the wave , after they had been suffering after a few public errors. Despite the low valuation that the company has been dealing with , Uber today is valued more than the market surpass of general motors company and ford motor company. The journey of Uber an d it’s founder, Travis Kalanick, as it has moved from a plan to an overall wonder. Despite of working for not exactly 10 years , but the ride hailing monster has just buildup on a broad run down of debate that have guaranteed a section of it’s most senior administrators. The company is expanding the way the world moves. By flawlessly connecting riders to drivers through their application, they make cities increasingly available, opening up more probable outcomes for riders and more business for drivers. From their establishing in 2009 to their launches in hundreds of cities today. Uber’s quick growing worldwide existence keeps on bringing people and their cities closer.

As an outline of exactly how gigantic the company’s development has been, Uber has supposedly made more than 160,000 employments in the United States of America , alone and plans to make over a million more in the coming five years. But while the company is regularly held up as a wonderful case study on the capability of growth hacking, but the company has also faced some genuine difficulties originating from the short routes they have taken. The service is more helpful then any other customary taxi organisations, Uber offers a larger amount of client service then the traditional taxi organizations by employing drivers with charming identities. The administration enables clients to rate their drivers, which makes it simpler for the company to consider drivers responsible and improve their quality control.But One of the reason that the company has grown so rapidly is that it hasn’t been subjected to the same regulations and rules as most taxi companies.But many local governments has started announcing new laws could limit Uber from the growth hope. It’s regularly difficult for clients to co contrast the expense of the company service with taxicabs, in case that the estimating structure is altogether different. As Uber charges it’s clients at a lower rate for each mile, but also charges for the time the customer trip has taken. The company may need to clear up the occurrences ,because when the service are more financially, it pick up purchasers that are inspired more by the cost than the service quality. While the company has gained a remarkable reputation through the past years, but it has also faced criticism over a couple of outrages and a few clients guarantee that some employees had tricked them out of cash or explicitly assaulted them.

In conclusion

As we can see the company is a big shot in the mutual economy. It has been known for it’s efficiency , usability and controversies. Nations around the globe have been thinking about whether do they support Uber or don’t, but the company has been prohibited and restricted in many parts of the world. But the company never fails growing it’s popularity, even when the prices rise , it doesn’t affect them but they still stays competitive against taxis. Teenagers clients enjoy using the app to book rides and may also choose it over public transit because of the experience. But how much the company hurts the environment it needs more investigation.

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