The Goal of the Declaration of Independence: Informative Essay

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The age-old question is, is the American Dream possible? To answer that old sport, it’s complicated. To review, the American Dream is all about money, fame, and power, but it all must make you happy. It could also be defined as just accomplishing all of your goals set in life, while also achieving wealth and happiness. Achieving the American Dream could be possible old sport, given the best circumstances, but for most people, it is out of their reach, and that is why it is complicated. Maybe with a lot of willpower, it is possible, but life throws many obstacles at people that achieving the American Dream seems like, well just a dream.

Although the old sport, many may say everyone can achieve the American Dream if they work hard, this may be true in some cases but not always. Starting from the bottom and working as much as possible can give you the essentials you need which can lead you to a better, happier path in the future, but it doesn’t help achieve the ultimate goals many people fantasize about, like being rich and famous. However old sports and hard work can provide the happiness one might yearn for, like being able to have and support a family. Examples of this are in the video “Americans Struggling to Make Ends Meet”, Tarrance Wise works for sixteen hours a day, trying to support his family. He works all day every day at two jobs, yet he is still very poor and not as happy, he doesn’t have any benefits or vacation time to spend with his family. No matter how much he works, he still could not achieve the American Dream.

In the movie “The Great Gatsby”, Gatsby started from the very bottom, he came from an extremely poor family, but he decided he would leave and start working hard. He worked hard for years, and he eventually came across Daisy and they were happy for a while, but Gatsby wanted to wait, wait until he was rich to be able to afford anything for her. He eventually was able to do it old sport, but she was already married to Tom, Gatsby has gained everything in the American Dream, he was rich, he was famous, and he completed his goals, all except one. He got all this for Daisy’s happiness, but she was already happy with Tom. Gatsby has not achieved the American Dream because he did not find the happiness he desired along with all his riches and fame. He wanted to repeat the past, but now with the money and fame. He tried so hard, but like Nick said, “You can’t repeat the past.”

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Now later at the very end of the movie old sport, Gatsby achieved the American Dream, he had the money and the fame. Now he got a phone call, unfortunately, it wasn’t Daisy, but Gatsby met his end thinking it was her, so in his own head he thinks he achieved the American Dream. It was only because he thought that that was Daisy, that made him happy and that was the main goal of the American dream, achieving happiness.

In the short clip “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry, Ruth works to the point where she is very sick and decides to still work to support her family. As stated before old sports, life throws obstacles in the way, which make it very difficult to achieve the American Dream. Supporting a family is a huge obstacle that restricts people from achieving the American Dream. While Ruth is working hard, she’s not so happy because she barely has any time to spend with family and happiness is what’s needed the most for the American Dream. Now Mama has a lot of money but isn’t as happy seeing what is happening to her family, so she also didn’t achieve the American Dream. Money isn’t the deciding factor of the American Dream, it does make life easier, but happiness is what’s important old sport.

As stated in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” We have the right to the pursuit of happiness, which means we should not have to work hard forever for it only to give minimal pay to support families, to live our own lives. We should be given more pay, fast food companies make billions and don’t increase pay for their workers. Or if they do, the prices of food and essentials increase making it impossible to lower work hours. Our fix old sport, our solution is improving the economy, making essentials more affordable, so hard-working parents can spend time with their families and possibly achieve happiness, achieve the American Dream. The American Dream is mainly about happiness old sport, it is what we need, what we desire, and what we should be given as it is an inalienable right.

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