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The Hurdles to Implementing of 5G Technology

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Nowadays, many the wireless industry has launched a standard of cellular communication that can transmit data faster. For now, the next round is under construction and it is named 5G, as it is the fifth generation standard used to transmit data via radio waves. Retroactively called 1G, is a full analogue system for transmitting sounds for the first generation. Very different from its predecessor, 2G phones send voice and data digitally. 3G in 2000 and 4G in 2010, there were technical improvements that increased data rates from 200 kilobytes per second to hundreds of megabytes per second in the next generation. By 2020, 5G is expected to transmit 1 gigabytes data in a second, or even 10 gigabytes.

World technology today is stepping up through the use of 5G networks that provide faster and more stable speed. In the last decade, 5G technology may have been just a theory, but currently it is not when it was first introduced and will be widely used within the next 12 months. However, the 12-month period may be too early in view of the larger question of whether the existing infrastructure in the country is capable of using the 5G landscape or the need for upgrades in stages for the technology to work. It is no longer a myth that some of the major industry players in the smartphone segment Samsung and Huawei are ready to release their products that support the technology. Basically, 5G technology already exists but is it practical for this early stage or does it require more time for infrastructure development?

Through data reading for 5G technology, it is able to provide one millisecond of latency and this enables progress in the aspect of robotics to be realized due to its low latency features compared to existing technologies. It also boosts bandwidth usage to 1,000 times per unit area and super supporting more than 100 times the number of devices using the any same of network for a single area compared to 4G LTE networks. The matter was also acknowledged by Telenor’s Vice President of Telenor Studies, who saw the emergence of 5G ‘islands’ when two years ago, many tests were conducted involving the 5G network system. According to him, the main topic of discussion was whether the computer can be remotely connected to a signal station with 5G frequency? Last year, we saw the use of 5G pilots such as the 5G drone coverage at the Winter Olympics in South Korea and the emergence of the 5G islands as we enter 2019. We anticipate that this year, the test project will cover the world from large scale pilot projects from Europe to North America and northeast Asia. It connects communities and networks selected business. Public digitization has been a key word among operators, industry-related bodies and governments over the past few years. Bjorn said that while the global standard for 5G will only start in 2020, people will see commercial growth of 5G starting this year with some of the industry’s leading players starting to move in that direction. It needs to be everywhere to realize such a dream of a pervasive 5G and its potential impact. This is where the problems and risks of this technology start.

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Despite all of the advancements being made in the world of 5G, it’s still a new technology, with a number of implementation hurdles. Because there are many existing mobile networks rely on lower frequencies, a 5G network would need to be built on a higher frequency. However, higher frequencies don’t necessarily work well in environments with a lot of buildings or significant foliage. To solve for this, providers would need to build 5G base stations very close to consumers. This poses a number of risks which is 5G deployment will be expensive with millions of antenna base stations having to be deployed close to the user demographics.

There would be a high cost of implementation associated with 5G technology making access a possible ‘luxury’ at first, because of the cost to update, build and manage these new base stations and networks as well as connect homes and workplaces to the network. This poses a major challenge in the business model of running 5G mobile network. The user may face really expensive handsets and limited coverage initially as well as significantly higher access fees for unlimited data plans, as the high end of the connectivity under 5G requires very new technologies,

In addition to base stations, these 5G dense deployments would require other supporting infrastructure updates, including fiber connections and possibly new technologies like Integrated Access and Backhaul which is a technology that would improve coverage and capacity, and this would also take time to implement. Not specifically related to 5G, but as with any initial new technology deployment, the coverage may take some time to be realized over larger areas. However, 4G LTE will continue to be the underlying network and continue to provide higher levels of performance for coverage even the 5G will materialize.

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