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5G Technology: Advantages and Disadvantages

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In modern world the most concern in the hand of technology lies on mobile wireless communication systems and mobility. As people prefer using mobile devices which has much capabilities and as it has huge demand and also it has become a necessity. Thus, mobile communication networks have developed through several stages within past few decades. These stages are named as generations and there are one to five generations that we can talk about. Due to the huge demand in worldwide for more connections this mobile communication standards get advanced rapidly to fulfill the needs of more users. From 1G to 4G we have experienced and nowadays we are using 4G. The latest concern is 5G and some developments are going on considering 5G.

5G is a technology which will be using advanced technologies to deliver ultra-fast Internet and multimedia experience for customers. With that LTE advanced networks that we use currently will get transformed into supercharged 5G networks in future. To achieve higher data rate, the goal of 5G, it will use millimeter waves and a spectrum for data transmission. To support massive data rate, 5G provides complex technique for modulation which enable better usage of Internet of Things.

Advantages of 5G

The key benefits of 5G include higher communication rates, reduced latency and hence greater flexibility for remote execution, a larger range of connected devices, and the ability to incorporate virtual networks or network slicing, which allows for more personalized access to individual needs.

Higher Transmission Speed

Speed can reach 15 or 20 Gbps in transmissions. We can have higher speeds so that we can fully directly and without waiting access to files, programs and remote applications. By increasing cloud use, all devices such as mobile phones, computers will less depend on the internal storage of the cloud and on the accumulation of data. A large number of processors on certain objects will not need to be installed because cloud computing is feasible. With higher transmission speed, it is possible to remotely activate software, as if it were running on personal devices, so that motive applications are not installed and run directly from the cloud on the terminal as the information is no longer needed in the device’s memory.

Reduced Latency

Latency is the time it takes for an event to occur after we give an order on our computer. The latency in 5G would be ten times lower than in 4G, allowing for real-time remote activities. For example, the doctor can intervene on a patient who is on the other side of the world with the help of precision instrumentation managed remotely, or the complete control of remote transport systems, automated and without driver, thanks to this low latency and the increase of sensors.

Amount of Connected Devices at a Time

With 5G, the number of devices that can link to the network skyrockets, reaching millionaire levels per square kilometer. All connected devices will have instant Internet connectivity and will be able to communicate with one another in real time. This will help the Internet of Things. A typical home is expected to have a hundred connected devices transmitting and receiving data in real time. When we talk about manufacturing plants, we’re talking about thousands of wired computers. Smart cities and autonomous vehicles would be possible as a result of the increased number of connected devices. A large portion of the city, for example, can be tracked by installing sensors in various points and objects in the city. If the information from car and city sensors is shared and data is exchanged, the quality of life in cities can be improved, and autonomous vehicle navigation can be made easier

Network Slicing

Virtual networks or network slicing and subnets are also possible with 5G, allowing for better networking tailored to individual needs. Sub networks can offer special characteristics to a part of the network, making it programmable, and will allow to priorities connections, such as emergencies in front of other users, by applying different latencies or prioritizing them in the network link so that they are not affected by possible mobile network overloads.

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Disadvantages of 5G

Mobile technology’s fifth generation (5G) is proving to be a superior networking network, with improved speeds, coverage, and reliability. Since it can accommodate significantly more devices, this revolutionary network is bringing the Internet of Things to life. However, there are some drawbacks to remember, as with any modern technology.

Connectivity May Be Affected by Obstructions

Since frequency waves can only travel a short distance, 5G connectivity has a limited range. The fact that 5G frequency can possibly be disrupted by physical obstructions such as trees, towers, walls and houses. The high-frequency signals would be blocked, disrupted, or absorbed by the obtrusions. To compensate for this setback, the telecommunications industry is expanding existing cell towers to expand the broadcast range.

Rollout Cost Are Very Expensive in the Beginning

The costs of developing 5G networks or making changes to current cellular infrastructure would be important. This sum will be exacerbated by the continuing maintenance costs needed to maintain high-speed access, and it is likely that consumers will bear the brunt of these hefty bills. Cellular companies are looking for ways to cut costs by using new solutions such as network sharing.

Rural Area Access Limitations

Although 5G will bring true connectivity to mostly urban areas, those living in rural areas would not inherently benefit from the link. Many remote areas across the country currently lack access to some kind of cellular connectivity. The 5G carriers plan to focus on major cities with large populations, gradually expanding to the outskirts, but this is unlikely to happen anytime soon. As a result, 5G connectivity would only support a small portion of the population.

Device Battery Drain

When it comes to 5G-enabled cellular devices, it appears that the batteries are incapable of operating for an extended period of time. To enable this enhanced connectivity, battery technology must advance to the point where a single charge can power a cellphone for an entire day. Along with depleted batteries, users report that when using 5G, their cellphones become increasingly hot

The Download Speed Do Not Match the Upload Speed

The download speeds of 5G technology are extremely fast, reaching up to 1.9 Gbps in some cases. However, upload speeds rarely exceed 100Mbps, so they’re not quite as impressive as they seem. However, as compared to current mobile connectivity, upload speeds are faster than those seen with 4G LTE.

Impairing the Aesthetic

Many people oppose the construction of new cellphone towers or the expansion of existing cellphone towers because they are perceived to detract from an area’s overall appearance and feel. Increased infrastructure construction would be needed for 5G, which will not generally be seen as a positive thing by local residents.


In conclusion, after a thorough analysis of the main advantages and disadvantages of 5G, it can be argued that the pros outweigh the cons, as 5G promises to significantly improve the means of communication that people will use, bringing the world closer to their palm.

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