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The Importance And The Essence Of Genetic Engineering

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Genetics is all about the study of genes, about how differences and similarities occur in all living organisms such us plants, animals, and mostly humans. Genetic engineering or genetic modification gives an explanation about how diseases and condition are being inherited or adopted in a certain generation of a family. Besides, this includes information about genetics such as deoxyribonucleic acid or what we called as DNA, and a ribonucleic acid or RNA that is usually needed in investigating something such as fingerprints, or anything that talks about the identity of something or someone. This field also explain why and how the physical characteristics are being transmitted on someone or something from generation to generation

Everyone is affected by genetics in a lot of ways. This helps us to have knowledge in understanding and analyzing things that happen in our daily lives. Like for example, by studying and using genetic engineering or genetic modification, we can determine why there are people, animals, and plants that is prone to some other case of diseases and conditions, and some other harmful things than other living organisms. Some of its advantages are it gives help in terms of medical field. This would help them in analyzing and creating such things like medicine drugs to be use in curing illness, disease, and condition. Another example of how helpful is genetic engineering is when there is a case of incidents where in there is no enough evidence to support and know the truth about a certain problem using genetics identity test. Suspects usually leave evidence accidentally like a left fingerprint, or a piece or a follicle of hair, or a blood. It can be used by the investigation on a police modify and so have an enough evidence by using genetic information to know wether a certain person is a criminal and the real suspect or not.

Genetic engineering is really useful and very beneficial in a lot of cases and different ways. Genetic engineering because more useful and broad when it is combine with technologies that is being develop in our contemporary world. Using technologies in the field of genetics give much help, mostly in creating and developing medicines. Also, it develops new organism or products where in it is called as GMO or genetically modified organism. GMO gives an improvement and much essence in developing such things like plants, animals, and even human. Though it has its bad effects, it is being controlled and only used in something that would help a lot for everyone and would not give any bad effects to anyone.

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Knowing the importance of genetics in our daily life will be very useful for is not just the professionals where involve in this field but also to everyone whose valuing the life and its nature. In addition, genetic engineering is one of the field that anyone should be aware of because its very essential in a lot of way. Even it is in a higher types of science, we should be aware is importance and its use in life, not just solving the problems and issues that we encounter daily not just use in creating a medicine in curing certain illness, disease, and condition, developing a new and much essential organism and products, but also it is very beneficial in terms of marketing and business strategies. Like for example, when we are making a business that promotes a high quality products of foods, we can make and produced a new products using genetically modified crops and plants. GMO crops o plant is very essential to use mostly because it is being enhance, develop, and improve the lifestyle of every one, making everything more useful and productive in daily living.

Genetics serves as the answer in some question in relation to the effectiveness of improving and developing life. Genetic modification or genetic engineering has serves as the modern fruit of life because understanding the importance of genetics will helps every individual to be aware about the relevance of genetics in our everyday life. Furthermore, genetic engineering also helps a lot in terms of our environment. As the genetics productively engage themselves in studying and testing the nature of our environment, a lot of things will be discovered again. Genetic modification usually applied in medicine, agriculture, and industry. In medicine, genetic engineering has been use to mass-produce insulin, treating infertility, antibodies, human growth hormones, vaccines and many other medicine drugs. While in agriculture, genetic engineering is also use to create genetically modified crops or plants, or genetically modified organism such as animals. And in industry, it involves transforming and improving microorganisms such as bacteria’s within a yeast, and insect’s gene coding for a useful protein. Genetic engineering or genetic modification has produced a variety of medicine drugs and hormones for a medical use. This involves evolving field of a gene therapy and involves a manipulating human genes to treat or cure genetic diseases or genetic disorder. And gene therapy has been used in clinic treats to that diseases such as cancer, high cholesterol, cystic fibrosis, and AIDS. This also helps farmers in terms of their plants in surviving to drought and fighting insects that commonly destroy the crops and other types of plants. In addition to genetic modification creating a GM crops or plants in a variety of conditions, it also has many benefits to the human society.

By this, genetic engineering is shown and tackled as a very essential, useful, and applicable in a different state of life and profession. And a lot of factors is what the genetic engineering may affects in a productive way of making life much better and relevant. Taking everything about genetic engineering or genetic modification, knowing the benefits, understanding the importance of discovering and development, transforming, changes, improvement, essence of life, valuing things even if it is big or a small thing, and applying it personally in everyday living is the best thing to do in able for us to show our appreciation and awareness about how genetic engineering helps a lot in a different aspect of solving everyday problem.

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