The Importance of Accountability for Organizational Effectiveness

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Accountability is an essential part of an individual’s life, such as personal life or work. It is an important factor for exploring mistakes and taking responsibility to avoid serious problems. Accountability stipulates the initiative to inquire about the employees’ performance of duties. Taking responsibility for its negligence and interpretation is the reason for negligence in carrying out the duty, and the organization or individual will be evaluated on how they behave or perform related to something for which they are responsible, accountability is very important to the accuracy and efficiency of the work that employees produce. Also, accountability of the company knows that the organization must be responsible for any defects or deviations from its declared values and goals. In general, the concept of companies is defined in accountability to include a prerequisite for the business sector in order to complete responsible, sustainable and ethical practices.

The three type that relate with the accountability is:

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  • Market responsibility is about the individuals who purchase from, decide to utilize or support the association. In this view the association's supervisors and trustees are responsible to the client, managerial responsibility is worried about guidelines and guidelines that determine models against which the association's (and people inside it) execution is estimated.
  • Political responsibility is worried about more extensive ideas of municipal and fair commitment and infers thoughts of correspondence of rights and obligations.
  • Required responsibility that streams from the authoritative condition: the legitimate, political and financial setting in which the association works. The individuals who request this sort of responsibility by and large have solid forces of solution for inability to conform to their requests (for instance: preclude individuals who fall underneath guidelines).
  • Proactive or intentional responsibility that streams from authoritative qualities: the conviction that the association ought to in its activities and working techniques deliberately look to adjust itself to specific gatherings and interests. This is likewise called offered responsibility. Here the association decides to be responsible in light of the fact that it is esteemed fitting. Such responsibility is offered to recipients and the more extensive open for instance through gatherings or by means of a site.

The issues getup since individuals need to keep absent from terrifying values profoundly inserted inside the organization. Although supervisors and board members’ ‘espoused concept’ holds values of being in control, winning and now not terrifying individuals – their genuine conduct supports resistances that act in restriction to these. Hence senior directors in non-profit bunches and funders routinely nation that they esteem ‘feedback’, cooperation and inclusion through those they support or support. Although their ‘espoused principle’ emphasizes organization and support, their ‘theory in use’ emphasizes one-sided control, reliance, accommodation and urgently not humiliating others be that as it may be letting them keep up ‘face’. These organizational protecting administrations are, anti-learning, overprotective and self-sealing. Senior directors may comment over a concept by means of saying “It’s a totally curiously concept …”, in any case, ‘interesting’ is the word we most ordinarily utilize to unequivocal either our lack of concern or complaint, whereas acting as in spite of the fact that we got to be strong.

We have three approaches must consider and know to resolve the organizational problem. The first approach is the ‘conversation for accountability’ has the impact of conversion the emphasis faraway from what was performed incorrect to what has been executed well. The second approach is the ‘educative strategy’. It lets in to develop ways of speaking that provide organizational members higher ways of discussing the competing commitments that save them adopt commitments turning into fact. This manner moving from positions of negative critical thinking and taking obligation for issues inside the agency in preference to seeing the issues lying with others. It way developing agreements that permit all involved to point to shortcomings. By developing these one of a kind method of talking, leaders, managers and front-line personnel may even be capable of change the way wherein they method their work. And here are the thirdly approach. Mode 2 approach point to having right information, knowledgeable choice and duty to reveal the implementation of that preference. Mode 2 approach leads to action techniques where issues or problems are proposed and inquiry into and confirmation of those strategies is sought and that face-saving is minimized, the task is to exchange the mind-set of the actors in the corporation via people gaining knowledge of to be greater reflective.

The accountant is responsible for the integrity and accuracy of the financial statements, even if they do not make mistakes. Company managers may attempt to tamper with the financial statements of their companies without the accountant's knowledge. There are clear incentives for managers to do this, as their pay is usually related to the company's performance. This is the reason why independent external accountants should review the financial statements, and accountability forces them to exercise caution and knowledge in their audit. Public companies are also required to have an audit committee as part of their board of directors from outside individuals with accounting knowledge. Their job is to supervise the review.

In the end we know that accountability means that the person responsible for his duties assigned to the job level, then his accountability, meaning that accountability means the duty of those responsible for the jobs (whether they are elected or appointed) to submit periodic reports on their work, policy and successes in implementing them.

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