The Importance Of First Aid Training

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I am writing this essay to get across my point of why I think everyone should be trained in basic first aid and why it is important to me and should be a big thing in everyone’s lives as well. First aid is something that most people don’t think too much into and always just rely on the people of the community that are trained, I think this is a bad thing because it is a lot of responsibility on that one person when it is easy to become trained at a low cost.

I think everyone should be trained in basic first aid because it would be so much easier to get a job. Most people think that employers don’t look out for First Aid trained on CVs but in actual fact they do, first aid plays a big part in the employers decision making on the person they which to employ. The reason for this is because people will feel a lot safer at work and out in public and it takes a big responsibility off the few people that are trained. Another reason having first would make it easier to get a job is if there was a minor accident at work or out on the street and everyone about knew first aid then someone at the scene would be able to help rather than calling an ambulance when it is not needed, this would also save a lot of money and time. There are so many incidents that ambulances get called too where they are not particularly needed and a trained first aider would be able to take care of themselves but yet that’s another example of not enough people being trained.

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If everyone knew basic first aid then it could potentially be the difference between life and death. An example of this is, if a member of the public or someone you know is in a critical condition and waiting for an ambulance to arrive, then being trained could mean someone nearby will be able to keep them stable until help comes, part of the reason why help takes so long to come is because ambulances often get called out to incidents that are not particularly urgent but because everyone panics there first thought is to phone for help but if there were many people around that are trained then this would not be the case. Another reason being trained in basic first aid is good is because if there is an emergency everyone will feel a lot safer and will be a lot calmer and the emergency can be solved a lot quicker. If someone nearby tries to help and are not trained in first aid then it could potentially worsen the situation which means that the person that’s being dealt with doesn’t feel safe and everyone should have the right to feel safe where ever they are.

I have collected Evidence to show how being trained in first aid could be the difference between life or death. This is a quote I found when a member public quotes about how they feel about the matter, “basic first aid can mean the difference between life and death and can massively improve the canes of someone’s recovery, the amount of time that person spends in hospital and the amount of pain the patient is in “. It shows that there are so many reasons why it should be brought out for everyone to be trained and it’s not just a few of us that think so for example here is another quote I found about someone supporting the support for life first aid training. This is a quote from Boris Johnston the former mayor of London, “Anything that could help save a life or reduce the severity of an injury should be encouraged and that’s why I fully support First Aid for Life and the tailored training they are offering”. I also think it would be a good idea to see more campaigns and company’s being brought about to show that people do care about First Aid Training and want something to be done about it.

In conclusion, I think that being trained in first aid is a good idea and I think a lot more people should think about getting the training because it doesn’t cost a lot and is a great opportunity so people should take the chance while they get it. Having more people trained could potentially save lives, money and help people feel a lot safer in public. There are so many reasons why everyone should be trained because it would make peoples life a lot easier and happier.

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