The Influence of Renaissance, Enlightenment and Romanticism on the Human Race from the Past to the Present

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Throughout history, there have been significant time periods in which have influenced the human race from past to present. Three historically well know periods that influenced world civilization and history include Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Romanticism. This time periods all portray similar aspects of rule-breaking, and rebelling against past beliefs and traditions, and diminished the previous ways of living and viewing life. Though these movements all relate to rebelling, they all depict different contributions in changing aspects to society and basically modifying the influences of history and artistic articulations.

1300 the Renaissance began, it was a time where education and learning bloomed, shaking the intellectual world of Europe. Coming out of the “Dark Ages”, this period of time allowed writers, philosophers, and artists to express and experiment with new ideas. Sandro Botticelli a famous artist during this time, took advantage of the new era to express their ideas about this Renaissance period of time. In his work Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’, it shows the nudity of Venus. This art style celebrates the idea of the human form, and show it much finer detail, which was a major change in the art world. Botticelli piece is completely different from any other Middle Ages artworks, due to this expression of nudity, as well as realistic landscape and religious focused aspects of it. Rebellious ideas like Botticelli’s work vastly changed the movement of Western Civilisation in this time period. Though without these outbreaks and expressions of new ideas, which were revealed throughout the Renaissance, perhaps the world would not be the same as it is today without these rebellious acts from historic figures.

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The Enlightenment was known as a philosophical and educational era that developed in Europe around the 17th century. Its actions of rebelling were influenced by religious ideas form the previous history, and thoughts about the idea of man’s connection to the universe and rights of an individual also came from this period. The hierarchy of people was formed around this time, which was all based on religion and the social class of people. Feminism was born in this period by the founder Mary Wollenstonecraft. Wollenstonecraft was a philosopher and advocate of women’s rights, who wanted equal rights for women in her society. During this time men were seen as superior to women, making Wollenstonecraft rebel against this old order throughout history. Rationality was thought to keep this society stable, until the rebellious movement of the Romanticism era began, which focused on the idea of individual's experience.

In Europe later on in the 18th century began the Romanticism era. It can be seen many actions of rebelling formed from previous artistic and social ideas from the Enlightenment period. This era was completely different from the Enlightenment, as it dove into the ideas of beauty and emphasis of emotion. It was mainly the idea that rationalization was irrelevant and the importance of existence was beauty and aesthetics. This really depicted that society had completely flipped its views of life since the Enlightenment era. The era’s only real new idea was the Focus on oneself rather than society as a whole. ‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’ by the C. D. Friedrich is an example of art from Romanticism. This piece depicts ideas of place in which can be found in one's subconscious, and emotional expression of the individual. The figures face is not shown, leaving the audience to question the emotions and thoughts in which the figure could be potentially express. The landscape is very detailed and beautiful in ‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’, though the piece expresses the artist's own experiences and emotions, which many works within the era portrayed. The Romanticism, may not have ever happened if it wasn’t for the Enlightenment era, which the world then could have not seen the rebellious ideas which took place.

Without these important periods, and the rebellious aspects portrayed throughout each era, in many various forms, history would not be the same. The influence in which these periods of time have had on humans from past to present helps shape the world it is today. Starting from the ignition of rebelling in the Renaissance, with new ideas and expression, to the events of the Enlightenment. Bringing the people to the era of Romanticism, which ideas were basically shaped from the Enlightenment. All three of these movements, influence our history in some aspect and will always be no matter how much time goes on.

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