The Issue of Ex-offenders to Become Productive Members of Society

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I stand in negation of the resolution to improve the educational standards for inmates not because inmates do not deserve a second chance, but because this education will not provide them a sufficient second chance for the following two reasons: (say both bullet point titles) Just because they will have an education, that doesn’t protect them from the prejudice of employer’s.

Nothing earns a trip to the trash can faster than an ex-convict’s job application displaying a past criminal record. Even after paying their societal dues, “ex-convicts still face numerous economic punishments affecting how much they can earn, and what fields they will enter. These factors boost recidivism rates, ruining the exoffender’s chances of becoming a productive member of society again. ”Six states bar ex-felons from public employment, and in many others, any kind of educational, legal, medical or real estate job is also out of the question. One measure of prevailing attitudes can be found in a 2007 “Christian Science Monitor” article. According to the newspaper, two-thirds of employers surveyed in five major cities would not hire an exoffender. Future employers will not see the college credit that other regular applicants will have, they will instead be drawn only to the criminal history Education doesn’t work, Reentry programs work.

Why do so many ex-offenders become repeat offenders? Statistics compiled by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts in Washington D.C., indicate that ex-offender employment is a critical factor in whether recently released federal inmates are successful. Of the 262,000 federal prisoners that were released from federal prison between calendar years 2002-2006, 50% of those who could not secure any employment during the time of their supervised release (generally two-to-five years) committed a new crime or violated the terms of their release and were sent back to prison. However, an astonishing 93% of those who were able to secure employment during the entirety of their supervised release were able to successfully reintegrate back into society and not return to prison.

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They often want to start over, but don’t know how to achieve that. They need somewhere to live, to work. They need counseling, but have limited resources. Some prisoners are released with only the clothes on their back, $10 to $200 and a bus ticket to the state line. Life on the outside can be a huge challenge — so hard that many prisoners fail at it and end up back behind bars before long.

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