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The Life Of Charles Manson

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Table of contents

  1. Becoming the New Manson
  2. How he controlled
  3. Getting Sentenced

“Death is the greatest form of love.” ― Charles Manson

On November 12th, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio a baby boy was born to Kathleen Maddox. Kathleen was 16 at the time and an alleged prostitute. She gave the baby boy the name No Name Maddox until his name was changed when her mother named him after Kathleen’s father. His name would be Charles Miller Manson. When Charles was 4 his mother was charged with armed robbery, so he lived with his aunt in West Virginia His uncle would encourage Manson to not go to school and claimed he was a rebel. He spent a few months with his mother but she couldn´t find a foster home for him and sent him to schools. Charles started getting into trouble by skipping school. When Manson would stay at the reformatory schools for long enough he would join the choir, he liked singing. His uncle would encourage Manson to not go to school and claimed he was a rebel. He spent a few months with his mother but she couldn´t find a foster home for him and sent him to schools.

Becoming the New Manson

Manson started his rebellious acts at a young age such as stealing things from local convenience stores. He spent a lot of his youth in and out of juvenile reformatories. When he got older he started committing more crimes ranging from petty larceny, armed robbery, stealing cars and taking them across national state lines and even setting his school on fire. When Manson was just about 20 he robbed a store in Georgia, taking a straw hat full of dimes and made his way to LA. He later got caught there and spent his 21at birthday in LA county jail. Kn jail he would often play guitar when he was lonely. When he got out it was the ¨hippie¨ era. People were obsessed with drugs and music. Charles set out to find his family; or also known as a cult.

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How he controlled

Most of Manson’s thoughts and ethical reasoning started out when he was young. He never got to see his mom and she constantly rejected him. This is everything he claimed he didn’t want to be. He treated his followers like gold and always showed them, love, in numerous ways. He gave them drugs that made them hallucinate and was manipulating. In the article “ Charles Manson” it stated that he told people and his “family” that there was a race war coming and he’d be the most powerful one of them all and people believed him. He was a dominant man and it showed. He wasn’t fearful and he always showed a calm state of mind. The night that changed it all

On August 9th, 1969, Charles Manson and his family set out to change the world forever. They drove around the busy place called Hollywood in search of a victim. They soon later stopped at Sharon Tate’s house while her husband, Roman Polanski, his friend, his wife and Abigail Folger was there. All of them had a rope tied to the back of them and were stabbed, except for the caretaker of the house, which they were shot. Later one of Manson’s followers used Sharon Tate’s blood to write “Pig” on the wall. Charles Manson had told his followers to do it as gruesome as they possibly could. On August 10th, 1969, the Manson family ended up killing Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, by stabbing them to death.

Getting Sentenced

Charles and his followers had gotten caught and had to go to court. Through this whole midst, Manson was calm and collected. The followers that had participated in the crime testified against him but always listened to his words. Each night he would tell them what to say and how to say. Soon it progressed to lies and more lies. The followers mocked and mimicked everything he did. In the middle of the trial, he carved a swastika in his head. Later the three girls that were also in the crime carved one in their head. He shaved his head and later all of his followers shaved their heads. At last, he was sentenced on December 13, 1971, to death. He later died on November 19th, 2017 in Bakersfield, CA.

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