The Theory Of Charles Manson To Be A Psycho

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In the book “Charles Manson” by Andy Koopmans, it tells how Charles Manson was a troubled child and spent a lot of time in institutions and prison. He wasn’t raised to fight but grew up to be the most notorious serial killer in America. His mother was a single mom, she abandoned Charles at 12, she was in and out of jail for small crimes. He also was raised by his grandparents, but it was temporary. This is about his long life, mainly spent in prison.

Charles Manson was born on November 14th 1934, in Cincinnati Ohio. His mother was sixteen and could barely take care of herself. Manson said she was not ready “ to take on the responsibilities of being a mother”(12). This caused Charles issues in his later life, he needed to be loved so he found it with his cult he called “family”. He was thrown around as a child, to people he didn’t even know. Manson said he felt pushed onto people he didn’t even know, “ rejection more than love and acceptance”(13). This is a theory about how and why he became a physco.

He moved in with his grandparents and started school, he was picked on and became violent. He started his first day of school in a dress. His grandpa said that it was a lesson for his behavior recently. He then began to steal at seven. His mother got parole in 1942, Charles moved back with her. He said, “The day she came home is still one of the happiest days of my life” (14). Then, four years went by and the living arrangements rocky. His mom got into trouble because she was an alcoholic and left in the nights. He stopped going to school because of the frequent moves.

He then was abandoned after another four years. Manson’s mother gave Charles to the state, because her new boyfriend wanted nothing to do with Charles. He started living on the streets. He had to make ends meet so he would do whatever he could to. He had said, “I started making my way on the streets anyway I could” (16). He even broke into grocery stores to eat food. He got arrested for stealing a bike, he was then sent to reform school. He ran away again, he says “running away had become as much as a part of my nature as stealing” (17). He continued to be sent to reform schools.

In February 1951, he was sixteen and stole a car, headed west. He stole more cars along the way. Two weeks went by and he was caught and charged. He was sent to reform school until he was eighteen. There he was tested, he had an IQ of 109 and diagnosed as manipulative and emotionally disturbed. He made the decision to turn himself around. The 1953 report says “Manson has shown a marked improvement in his general attitude”(21). This gave him an outlook on life.

He was given parole on May 8th 1954. This was because of his good behavior, he was nineteen. He had stated, “All I knew was jail” (22). He seemed to want to change this behavior. He was well behaved for awhile, until the next decade.

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Just after a decade had passed, he had turned into the old Charles. He spent most of his time in jails again. After this, he thought he would go straight. He finally decided to get a job, he got a low paying job. He started to live a normal life. He talked to this girl for awhile, he said he was nervous. This was his first girlfriend. They got married shortly after, on January 10th 1955. They settled down in a small apartment. She was pregnant with Manson’s first child, they also moved to Los Angeles. He took her on trips, he burglarized on the way, he tried to pleading for his crimes. He blamed it on years of confinement. He served no time for the Florida crimes.

He had his first long sentence in the early 1960s. During his long sentence his wife leaves him even before the baby was born. He then wanted to be a family man. He tried launching a career for musicians, but failed. He wasn’t ready to leave prison in 1967, but he got parole. He was now single in Los Angeles. He had already spent half of his life in institutions. He had gotten into drugs, mostly LSD. This ended his dream.

His whole dream ended with a drug deal gone wrong. Manson shot Bernard Crowe, he was a black drug dealer. At this time Manson’s family members described it by saying that they always lived in fear that they were in danger. They said, “We all were living in fear” (49). He was sent back to prison for two years. He left prison with another dream and purpose. His dream was to grow deeply involved in crimes.

He committed a murder in 1969. It was late July-August, Manson and his “family” were responsible. There were nine deaths, some even included Hollywood celebrities. They got five months and were charged a lot. You would think this would teach him his lesson but it didn’t, he just continued. He believed his “family” were rats. One of his “family” members said, “I smell a rat but I was afraid to crowd them” (50).

Manson also was thought to have had a music deal, it fell through. He became easily provoked and annoyed. His past crimes haunted him. He started to get set back on his music career. He could possibly be arrested though. His crimes he was committing weren’t making enough money fast enough. He tried to borrow money but that didn’t work.

In late July, Gary, the supplier of the drug operation was murdered on July 26 1969. PIGGY was written in his blood on the wall. The person who killed him needed to be freed so Manson said. August 9th, they recreated the other murder, but left a knife with finger prints on it. There was three gunshot wounds and a hundred twenty stab wounds. Manson had to go back and wipe stuff down. They found the body on August 10th and arrested on August 16th. October 1969, they were arrested again for theft. December 1st 1969, Tate murders were solved, someone ratted Manson out and he was arrested. He then became famous, he made it on life magazine.

He spent the rest of his life in prison. He was in and out of mental prisons, some of it was to avoid the issues in jail. He was sexually abused and physically in prison. He also had a gardening job but lost it because of an escape kit found in his area. He never made parole, because they claimed he never changed. Overall Charles Manson was a well known physco who had a cult.

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