The Peculiarities of Childhood Vaccinations

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Exploring the debate on child vaccinations has been a controversy that has emerged in recent years. While most people that follow traditions support universal vaccinations because they believe that they can help fight off a variety of infectious diseases. However, others hold a different opinion in which they strongly believe that child vaccinations do more harm than good. CREATE THESIS AND PUT AT END OF THIS PARAGRAPH!

Those individuals arguing for the use of universal vaccinations point out that millions of lives have been saved since the introduction of immunizations ( Doyle, 2017). These same individuals also argue that if one resistant’ s routine vaccinations then they most likely were given false information on why to no get them. Those that argue against routine vacations usually are in agreement that the vacations are unsafe and found to be toxic. They also believe that the vaccinations that they are giving their children can be found to be toxic because they contain formaldehyde or thimerosal. Individuals not for child vaccinations also strongly believe that the government has no authority to intervene on an individuals freedoms to make medical decisions for their children( Doyle, 2017).

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The article Be Mean or Be Nice? Understanding the Effects of Aggressive and Polite Communication Styles in Child Vaccination Debate is a current study that investigates the child vaccination debate. The study includes what the effects are of aggressive, neutral and polite communication styles on the topic of child vaccination. It also undergoes what parents’ attitudes are on the subject. The study also included a online experiment that was conducted to see what the relationship was between the message style given by health communicators and the outdcomes. Depending on the message style of the health comunicators determined if the paretns decided to follow through with the exam or not.

Clinical infectious diseases review article Protecting the Community Thrugh Child Vaccinations shines light on the topics of community protection of unvaccinated children and adults, theoretical basis for community protection, limitations of vaccination and community protection, and maximizing community protection in the future. While the impact on child vaccinations is well described the impact of indirect protection on the community is well underappreciated. Community protection occurs when the individuals that are vaccinated block the chain of transmission to those that are not vaccinated or are under vaccinated. Community prot4ection prevents exposure and limits the spread of the pathogens through the community. ( Anderson, Daugherty, Pickering, Orenstein, Yogev, 2018).

Shortly after new childhood vaccinations were implemented disease rates dramatically declined. Declines were also made to vaccine-ineligible children, adolescents and adults. Community protection rates depend on how high vaccination rates are maintained. When community protection rates are improved child vaccination strategies are put into place to ultimately protect the community in the future.

The implementation of child vaccinations programs has reduced the number of infectious diseases. The additional decline is referred to as community protection which ultimately results in the protection of those that are nonimmune ( those that are unvaccinated or previously infected or had a vaccination failure). By having community protection is reduces the risk of the infection being exposed. “Vaccination has provided substantial community protection benefits to children and adults, with nearly all vaccine-prevent- able diseases showing ≥95% reductions in morbidity rates since vaccine introduction, despite vaccination rates that are much lower” ( Anderson, Daugherty, Pickering, Orenstein, Yogev, 2018).

Community vaccinations are incredibly important to those people that cannot receive vaccinations. For example those that are too young to receive vaccinations ( Babies), those that are receiving chemotherapy, and those people that an ineffective immune response after receiving the vaccinations.

With the implementation of new vaccinations recommended for children a decline has been made when it comes to infectious diseases. “ Community protection is particularly appar- ent when declines occur in the burden of disease observed in cohorts of children not eligible for vaccination and in unvaccinated adults. To demonstrate this, we highlight the impact of pediatric vaccination against 5 organisms: Streptococcus pneu- moniae, rotavirus, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), human papillomavirus (HPV), and rubella” ( Anderson, Daugherty, Pickering, Orenstein, Yogev, 2018). The article titled Protecting the Community Through Child Vaccinations explains how various childhood diseases have declined after the introduction of the vaccination. For example, after the introduction of heptavalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine the rates of IPD ( invasive pneumococcal disease has declined. Other routine vacations that are given to children include the rotavirus vaccination, Hib vaccination, rubella vaccine which prot4ect babies in the womb etc.). With these childhood vaccinations being put into place it decreased the likelihood that your child would get one of these infectious diseases.

The article titled Social Media’s Influence on Parents’ Decision-Making Process of Child Vaccinations talks about child vaccinations and how social media can provide a role in the decision making of the parents. Parents are the main caretakers of their children therefore it is their responsibility to make the decisions about their child’s health and wellness on a daily basis. ( Boldy & Wachab, 2019). These decision made can be difficult for parents to. Make. On their own. This is why it is up to the parents to stay informed on family health topic as there is an overwhelming amount of resources that are simply at their fingertips.

One of the biggest if not the hardest decision a parent has to make in their lifetime is whether or not they want to vaccinate their children. There are many controversies on this subject that cause parents to question the decision that they have made. The topic of childhood vaccinations have been around for a little over a decade. This had lead parents to question the benefits over potential harm ( Boldy & Wachab, 2019). According to one of the most concerns about vaccinating your child is the safety behind it. Safety is one of a top conern to paretns when it comes to their children’s health. The topic of safety often comes up when talking about vaccinating your children because of the potential effects that vaccines have and the ingredients that are found in them. ( Bold & Wachub, 2019). The CDC( The Center for Disease and Control Prevention) that all vaccinations have a risk of the person having what is called anaphylaxis which is an allergic reaction. “The CDC also states that there may be an association with certain vaccines (MMR [measles, mumps, and rubella], and DTaP [diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis]) causing increased risk of long-term seizures, coma, lowered consciousness, and permanent brain damage” ( Bold & Wachub, 2019).

Another argument that can be found around the subject of vaccinations is the ingridents found in them. “The CDC states that the most common substances found in vaccines include aluminum, antibiotics, egg protein, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and Thimerosal [5]. Several ingredients have been linked to many types of complications”( Bold & Wachub, 2019). Mercury is another ingredient that has been found in certain vaccines. Mercury is only link to providing negative health affects when given in high doses.

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