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The Problem of Veterans' Homelessness

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There are so many situations happening in the world. One of the biggest problems we have in our community would be veterans/ people being homeless. I believe that just because someone is homeless it does not mean they are different from anyone else. We are all equal and no one is better than another. I assure that homeless people should be helped and heard instead of people making fun of them or not caring just because they are fine. I think that a change should happen and realize that we can always help just by starting from a little thing that may not seem much. Sometimes us as humans don’t realize the importance of our community because we are focused more on other things in life that we consider ‘important’. I want to acknowledge how important it is to help others and how that can make a huge difference in our community by making sure that they are okay and have the support they need. Homeless veterans/people have so many problems such as money, family, support and etc., that it gets frustrating to them and leads up to consequences just because they can’t get help. Some of these consequences would be drugs, physical and sexual abuse, or having to experience physical or mental health problems as well. This is why I think that promoting and donating can help so many homeless people all over the world because it can reach out not only in our community but, all over the world.

To begin with I want to give an example of what is happening around us. “Since 2009, the number of veterans experiencing homelessness has dropped by 48.4%”, according to the national alliance to end homelessness. Many people do not realize that the percentage of that can increase each year. For example, “On a single night in January 2018 there were 37,878 veterans were experiencing homelessness... made up about 9% of all homeless adults... 2% were homeless as part of a family and 90.8% were men, while 8.5% (3,571 veterans were women)”, according to the National Alliance to end homelessness. This just shows us that there are thousands of people needing help which makes it harder because not many people see it as something affective to them. We always hear news about them needing help and wanting to have an opportunity to become better of themselves but no one is willing to help them which is sad because that just makes them think that they do not have any type of support by their side. Homeless veterans/people are in need of healthcare, shelter and employment which is the basic. They also need food, support, feeling welcome, and etc. Veterans between the ages of 18 and 30 are twice as likely as adults in the general population to be homeless, and the risk of homelessness increases significantly among young veterans who are poor which just makes it worse.

The main cause of homeless veterans would be the lack of support and social isolation discharge. For example, another problem would be, that there aren’t enough affordable housing options for the homeless and the qualification process takes months just to get evaluated whether they should help them or not. In my opinion this is just a distraction to not help them because if you really wanted to help you wouldn’t question them why they show they have a shelter over their head or make them wait for an evaluation process which can take months to be seen. I do not understand why a homeless person has to go through an evaluation of whether they should get helped or not, this just doesn’t make any sense and there should be change towards that.

Many veterans have vouchers but no place to cash them in which still doesn’t help them as much as people would think it would because it still isn’t enough. Yes, it can be somewhat helpful but that doesn’t mean it will help them get out of being homeless right away. People do not realize that they need help and that us as humans should try to help them whether its donating or giving money or even raising a charity for them. All this just makes the process frustrating, and somewhat non-existent since it isn’t really helping, for those in need of a shelter. Part of this problem is that Veterans are unaware of the programs and services offered to support them and what resources to tap into to transition back into the workplace.

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When they take their first steps back into society, support is often nowhere to be found because people believe that they are doing great and they do not need help, but in reality, it may not always be like that. Inadequate programs give support to them and housing for returning Veterans depending in what community they are in because some just do not exists those kinds of program or help for them. To start thinking logically about this problem, one must understand that ‘average veteran’ always falls in these kinds of problems in their life. One might think that enlisted military personnel have enrolled because of their background, race, poor education level or low household income, but this is inherently false even though there is a percentage of that. U.S. military service disproportionately attracts enlisted personnel and officers who do not come from disadvantaged backgrounds and a soldier’s demographic characteristics are of little importance in the military, which values honor, leadership, self-sacrifice, courage, and integrity/qualities that cannot be quantified even if they wanted. According to our findings in the film: “During their tours of duty, at least 1 in 5 female veterans experienced sexual assault or repeated harassment, according to

the Department of Veterans Affairs, National Center. These women are four times more likely to suffer from PTSD and an increasing number end up addicted to drugs and alcohol”. This just shows the consequences they have to suffer just because they do not receive help of any kind.

Volunteers of America works to prevent and end homelessness through a range of support services including eviction prevention, emergency services, transitional housing and permanent affordable housing. If a veteran is fortunate enough to be able to locate help, the monetary commitment or approval for financial aid can take months, even years, to obtain. Waiting, endless approvals and lists the Veteran must endure to receive help creates unnecessary tasks and wasted time that the Veteran could be receiving assistance. This adds to the time that the veteran is likely to spend nights displaced without shelter. Despite numerous media stories about homeless veterans and the problems they face, actual studies exploring the incidence and causes of veteran homelessness remain scarce. Part of this complex problem is lack of research and concrete understanding of causes and statistics. Without understanding the full scope of the problem, experts and groups cannot create the specific programs and treatment for veterans.

Once you are in the cycle of poverty, it is very tough to get out. The fact that people have to worry so much financially just about having a place to live, creates many stresses that in turn cause people to give up on the system. When you are having to decide whether to pay your rent or feed your family for the night, it is a very tough mindset to be in. LA has one of the highest costs of living in the entire country, and it is hard to keep up. The general public does not seem to be less inclined to move here, I imagine that the numbers will only increase more and more. All of this just shows that homeless veterans are in need of help and aren’t receiving any.

I believe that donating and promoting the homeless shelters is a big way of helping them. I say that this is a single way of helping them because they are in need of support and since they do not have that they will feel happy knowing that people are going out on their own way to help. Promoting homeless shelters helps because it spreads the word and can reach out so many people about the situations going on with homeless veterans. For example, when you promote homelessness on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and etc., people will hear about it and will donate things to them whether it’s something small or big because they will click on the link and see how they can help. Creating a page promoting the homelessness is a good way to start helping them and creating a change because you can engage your audience faster and have different kinds of options and videos of ways they can help. Donating to the homeless can help them a lot because they will receive food, water, hygiene, clothes, supplies, and etc. Many living on the streets fear coming forward due to possibilities of arrest and criminal victimization. Focusing on homelessness among Veterans in the United States should be our primary focus, as they are twice as likely than the average American to be chronically homeless and there's factual reasons for this statistic. Having a campaign where people can go on the internet to donate money can also help them buy what is necessary for them. In my perspective, if we take action of this problem and start donating, promoting, and starting campaigns then I strongly believe that we will see results in the percentage of veteran homeless in the U.S and this problem will just decrease and not be as big as it is now. This is the way I believe we can help them because we are giving out support to them, making sure they are good in health and emotionally/ physically.

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