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The Proofs Of Odysseus As An Epic Hero

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Odysseus is an epic hero because he carries the traits that a hero is known for. He is brave, strong, and a great leader of men. He is known to be a speaker that can motivate his men to follow him through any kind of situation without question. He has a caring for the men he leads which creates a sense of selflessness. He truly is what an epic hero should be.

Odysseus by far is a strong warrior from the first ten years of surviving a battle and another ten year from blinding a Cyclops and surviving the song of the sirens and the most badass journey he made was when I think he was ordered by Circe to travel to the underworld and retrieve an item for her and he fought the undead soul and he came back safely and by the way many fear the underworld because if one is not careful of what they do they can be trapped there forever and no way to escape. He also is a compelling and confident speaker. When he and his crew were at a tight situation with the lotus eaters know that lotus eaters are creatures who feed you a plant or food substance and once you eat it you will become addicted to it and you will forever be trapped at their hands so back to Odysseus and his crew when they arrive to the island of the lotus he quickly notices this curse land and order his men to get back on the boat and be in a hurry if they want to see home ever again see how he compare their life to what they want the most of their home and family so with that Odysseus and his men escape the lotus island by telling his men that if you want to see home again you better hurry.

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The most courageous that Odysseus has ever been was when he was when he was escaping the Cyclops Polyphemus the son of Poseidon who in the book imprisoned Odysseus and his crew in order to eat them but Odysseus being as clever as ever he found ways to trick the Cyclops and blind him of his sight and escape the cave that which they were imprisoned and the other was that when he was shouting out his name to the Cyclops and calling the Cyclops a fool as the Cyclops was throwing boulders at him and his crew ship as they were trying to escape and as well as revealing his name and his home. His journey was long but he never feared returning. In fact his long journey lasted 20 years. In those 20 years he spends ten years at war the Trojan war where he and his men fight for ten years were he alone was powerful enough to keep his men save and another ten years was when he was in search of his home Ithaca but in this journey he and his ship mates went in a cruel journey were the cursed island of the lotus eaters and the wicked son of Poseidon the Cyclops Polyphemus planned to keep Odysseus and his crew trapped in there and eat them and the worst i believe was the sirens song in which Odysseus orders his men to tie him up and keep him there at all cost no matter how much he pleads to be untied and he begged very badly to be untied.

He proves himself in battle at the Trojan war holding off enemy troops in an intense battle for ten years and ever being injured or tired you can say he was addicted to the battle or just fear of dying in this waste of a fight and never seeing his wife and son or even his home ever again and he never stop until you know they had to go back and then he had to fight supernatural beings and had more of an responsible to keep his men safe and himself by any means possible and he did want to see his home badly.Circe had a big impact on how Odysseus survive many tasks and in return he became her lover for a year so how Circe help was that she thought him to summon the dead for many help and that she alone was the one to help him with the siren problem she told Odysseus that you must put wax on the crew ears to keep them from losing their minds and he alone must listen to the horrible song of the deadly sirens. Another help was at a waste due to Odysseus idiot of a crew was help from the master of the wind Aeolus and he had a gift for them a bag full of wind in which was meant to take Odysseus and his men to Ithaca and be safe but like I said Odysseus idiot crew just ruined the only back home thinking it was gold open it and the wind brought them back to the home of Aeolus.

So, in the end, Odysseus proves through all his trials and tribulations that he is a true epic hero. The traits that he has shown that he can overcome all obstacles, is a great leader of men, and has no fear of anything challenge presented to him.

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