The Prospects And Benefits Of Civil Engineering

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Entering senior high school is a new milestone for students with new sets of of challenges and responsibilities. One of these challenges is choosing what course one should pursue in college. There are a multitude of careers or courses to choose from ranging from the sciences to the humanities and other fields. If your mind is not made up yet then how about opening up to the field of Civil Engineering. And if your interest involves construction works, infrastructures, transportation, and other public works then Civil Engineering is the course for you. Most of senior high students may have lots of questions regarding civil engineering such as what it is, what it encompasses, the skills needed, its difficulty, its benefits, its future and other questions. Then let us answer your questions and dive to the field of Civil Engineering, its benefits and possibilities and everything you need to know.

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You might be wondering what Civil Engineering is, generally speaking this field involves the design, construction and maintenance of public works and infrastructures(Lucas, 2014). If one desires to contribute to society and the world then this field is perfect for you. Civil Engineers are one of the pillars of community development, they use their technical skills and knowledge in building infrastructures that would serve as important utilities for the community such as roads and buildings, and they also develop water and sanitation systems which improve residents' health and comfort(Kokemuller, n.d.). Without the works and efforts of Civil Engineers the world wouldn't progress as much as it has now. Another important benefit of studying Civil Engineering is that the field is broad and diverse with many specializations such as Geotechnical, Structural, Transporation, and Construction Engineering.(Dodge, n.d.). This means that depending on your interest you can choose from whatever specialization you want and pursue it. When it comes to financial benefits Civil Engineering is a great job. Graduates with an engineering degree typically earn 20 percent more than the average graduate salary(Renishaw Plc, n.d.). And in the Philippines, a Civil Engineer typically earns around ₱40,700 per month with salaries ranging from ₱18,700 to ₱64,700 and with increased years of experience comes higher wages('Civil Engineer Average Salary', 2020). A lot of factors may be involved in determing wage such as workplace, experience, education, and others. Regardless of these factors it is worth nothing that 'Civil Engineer(s) in Philippines are likely to observe a salary increase of approximately 11% every 18 months'('Civil Engineer Average Salary', 2020). This means that as you continue to work in your chosen civil engineering specialization, then expect a constant source of salary. Civil engineers can also experience travel benefits. Engineering industries are global spanning Asia, the Americas and Europe which means engineering projects can be all over the world and it is important for engineers to meet clients and do investigative fieldworks(Renishaw Plc, n.d.). Though it depends on your employment and specialization but the prospect still exist for you to grab. When it comes to employability Civil Engineers will have no problems. Civil Engineers are employed by private and public sectors, they can also start their own firm or teach at colleges and universities which means you can work anywhere as long as you qualify. As the world continues to move forward with the need to deal with various problems concerning the world, Civil Engineers will become more essential to society. Engineers today are tasked with solving the problems around us and matters of global prominence such as global warming, power sources, pollution, and sustainable energy are some of the few things they can tackle(Mapua University, 2016).

Civil engineering as a course has its own ups and downs but as students constant practice and effort can mean the difference between success and failure. Civil engineers are creative and outside the box thinking individuals who look for solutions to problems around us. Aspiring to be one will take considerable amount of work and effort but along with work and effort comes passion and drive to succeed. Good pay, good benefits, employability, a diverse field, and importance to society, Civil Engineering can provide you all this.

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