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The Reasons For Bias Media

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The media is one of the most bias interaction sources. Whether you recognize it or not, everyday and almost all day, there is always some type of bias action happening around you or from you. Some of our top quality go-to sources are bias. For example, we have things such as the News, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that lean towards either the liberal side or the conservative side. To get a better understanding of the two, liberal can be defined as, sharing “a root with liberty and can mean anything from generous to loose to broad-minded. Politically, it means a person who believes that government should be active in supporting social and political change” (Merrimam-Webster). Meanwhile, conservatism can be defined as, “The holding of political views that favour free enterprise, private ownership, and socially conservative ideas. Commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation” (Lexico). Depending on what information the media will announce to the public, depends on which side they are on.

As you are aware, everyone has a sense of judgement Therefore, it is always better to be careful where you get your information from. Do some of your own research on the topic you are most interested in after being told information about it. For example, the news is a very bias place. Depending on which side they are on, determines whether you will believe what they are saying or not. This is because liberals are going to believe liberals and conservatives are going to believe conservatives. I believe that the news uses this to their own advantage because they know this little piece of information. If the person reporting the news is Liberal, then they are going to recite the information in such a way that is going to catch Liberals attention. If they do not like the piece of information, then they will make sure everyone in the Liberal side will not be too kindly of it either by leaving out bits and pieces and only talking about the parts that catch the liberal values. Although, nobody will know whose side they are on because we use the news as our first choice for trusted information so if the news says one thing, we most likely are going to believe it. Trump is another good example on the news media source. A media source pushing more towards liberal will never paint Trump to be anything else but bad. These sources will talk mostly about what is wrong with him, the corruption, damage, and threat to America he causes. Liberals are more persuasive to their own group as conservatives are more persuasive to theirs. A source states, “Newsroom headcounts do favor Democrats over Republicans, but not as much as they favor independents: as of 2013, just 7% identified as Republicans, while 28% declared themselves Democrats, according to a 2014 survey by Indiana University” (Graves).

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Since we get most of our information from the news first, social media is where we go second to wander and explore other peoples thoughts on the different topics. With things such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook we see more harsh uncensored bias. This is because with these type of media sources there is no limit to what you can talk about or how much you can say. Therefore, these medias are used for deeper expressions. Of course, the same concept remains, as long as it is being told from a liberal view then they will gain the liberal audience and vice versa.

The media can manipulate your image by showing you only what they want you to know. For example, they can do things such as alter the way they describe a certain person to make them look more innocent or more guilty. Again, depending on what side they are on, they will only tell you what gains their story more agreement.( Image 1 attached: Media Bias). This shows how the media can paint an innocent person to look guilty by using certain pictures. The second image is another example of how media can alter an image to focus more on the negative and place the fault on the innocent person because they do not know the full story. I have attached both images into Dropbox for a visual example.

In conclusion, for every audience, there is some bias. The bias could come big or small but do your own specific research because the media Is not going to tell you the full story. Be careful what you believe before you get the full story. Everyone is on one side or the other, liberal or conservative. Whether they know or not, they use their certain opinions to adjust stories to their favor.

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