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The Reasons For News And Media Bias

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Military families are always checking the news to see what is happening on the other side of the world, especially in war zones. Today, people have the ability to know a little bit more about what is happening in the world thanks to the news. In the article “Reporting the News,” the authors George C. Edwards, Martin P. Wattenberg, and Robert L. Lineberry state that the news provides more entertainment and less political topics, which changes people’s ideals. Some of the points they talked about are how journalists find the news, how they present the news, why the news is important, and the public opinion on the news. The authors assert that the journalists’ role is to provide information on how the media discloses the news to the general public, and how politicians use the media and political issues to influence the audience. The authors effectively describe these main ideas, and how the news is not being biased but fail including examples of the media


“Reporting the News” by George C. Edwards, Martin P. Wattenberg, and Robert L. Lineberry, express their main point is that news provides more entertainment and less political topics, which changes people’s ideals. In their analysis, they discussed some of the main ideas on how media is relevant in reporting or spreading the news to people, especially politicians. Among their ideas, the authors discussed that the type of media used say newspapers, television, online and so on determine what to be aired, where to find information that is to be aired out, how the chosen media will display the news aired and also the effects press has on the entire public. The authors further explained that as their article says, the significant role of news reporters is to inform and complete out information of what happens in the media news. The tone of an author in uttering out news determines the kind of news, thus very essential and critical in deciding how the covered topics are relevant. The author's tone can be determined by the application of better transitions, genuine examples and words or paraphrases that show some analysis. To wrap it all, the authors should decide that the media selects its stories that it will air according to the ratings the news has.

Focus on the Main Idea

The authors were able to find better means of explaining their article most efficiently and quickly (Edwards, George C., Wattenberg, Martin P., Lineberry, Robert L., 2017). They intended to make their readers able to understand their main idea of their article that is; how the media identified the information to air, where to research the information to air, how the media present received data in the form of news and eventually the influence of media on the entire public. Many news reporters are coming up, and since it's the only way information can be passed on from one individual to another, then news reporting is very relevant to one's life. They investigated that media sorts it is information basing on which one takes attention of the audience so that it is aired out first and the other follows. The intention of the authors was well analyzed since they investigated “Reporting the News” and their research was basically on media. The authors focused on providing information on how the media select the best news to present to their clients, what news should be performed first, what method to use when displaying this news and also how can it be provided to the public (Edwards, George C., Wattenberg, Martin P., Lineberry, Robert L., 2017). Furthermore, the media decides on the methods of presenting its news by compressing the most relevant and exciting events into tiny sound bites of about thirty seconds (Edwards, George C., Wattenberg, Martin P., Lineberry, Robert L., 2017). For example, people that repost articles in their social media do it as it is a fact but they cannot verify such a thing they just care about posting and getting likes (D' Abreau, 2017). Finally, the authors discussed how the media influences the entire public. In their perceptions, the authors explained that one of the effects of a news story is that it may either be ordinary, but the set of the impact of various news stories may be very relevant to the public. The authors tried to achieve their intended purpose though they failed to address a few issues at some point. This means they analyzed most of their ideas as discussed below.

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Not being biased

The authors tried as much as they can to avoid being bias in their article. They did not criticize some media and favored others. This helped them to air information that is suitable for all readers without any biases. The authors of the article 'Reporting the News' never criticized any media. They explained their ideas based on all media even when they never researched them. Besides, they kept the ethical issue very relevant. According to their information, the authors researched on very many presses but did not disclose any of their names or even secret information. This implies that the methods of research were used efficiently. Also, the authors covered several media news networks concerning media coverage, irrespective of their desires. For example, people need to differentiate if the information present to them is real or fake; not just go to Google and choose any article or information without checking where the information is coming (Cole, 2017).

Failure to include examples of media

Although the authors contributed as much as they could to raise their ideas, they had a few weaknesses that hindered their article. Despite their commitment, the authors failed to include all the examples of media that they researched. They could have identified some names of these media coverage from where they had interviewed during their research and included them in their article “Reporting the News” so that their readers could grab all the information required. There are very many media centers, and so it could make sense if the authors tried to provide some of these Media. While reading articles like this one, people are generally interested in some examples of these media to understand better what the authors are referring to. Furthermore, the authors were not able to explain all their information concerning media and news reporting. Some media use other techniques of airing information when The Huffington Post predicts that Hillary Clinton will win the election, people were wondering if they were lying to or they did not know what they were talking about. (D' Abreau, 2017). There are different tactics for providing news, so some media employ sources that are not commonly used to be unique. The authors failed to give some of these other tactics used by media.


In this article, the authors based their argument on how the media select the best news to present to their clients, what news should be presented first, what method to use when displaying this news and also how can it be provided to the people. Although much of the details are strong like how they present and support their main idea and how the news is not being partial on what they present to the public and not too strong detail like how they do not show other methods of media. However, this does not stop the authors from focusing on providing the message they wished for the public. Thanks to the news and media, people that are far from their homes can know a little bit more about what is happening at home.

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