The Role Of Destiny In Oedipus Rex

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In Greek society there is a great influence of myths on the literature and traditions. People believe that gods have a great role in the making of their fate. People and significant heroes try to escape from destiny but they are generally surrounded by the fate, in order to make them tragic This can be seen in many Greek dramas like Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. He was a religious person and he was inspired by belief of people in gods that they are most powerful and cruel to the mankind. In Greek mythology, human life was in the hands of gods. Fate was pre-decided and could not be escaped at any cost. Oedipus and so many others, who tried very hard to deceive the destiny, but the cage of tragic and cruel fate was very much tricky so in spite of all preventions taken by them, were led to the final destiny which was pre-decided.


The present study describes The Role of Fate in play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. He was a great Greek dramatist. ’Oedipus Rex’ is a great work that is present inform of tragic drama. This play revolves around of theme that Man is puppet in hand of fate. According to Aristotle this play is finished deplorable story of a saint who every time attempts to misdirect his destiny yet bombs over and over. There are two ideas which are given in this play. On the primary spot it gives the message of the wild destiny and on the second spot it points out the tragic blemish. It will be depicted all through our examination paper that how destiny assumes an incredible job in the life of a man as a pre-decided instrument. As a matter of fact this play shows that how man is weak before his destiny. Here the destiny of a kid is end up being directly based on his own through and through freedom.

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As like man can't live without breath, in such a way Greek dramatization shows up no more without the job of destiny. Destiny has remained the central topic of Greek dramatization from its place of starting for example peak to its closure point for example end Shepherd takes pity to him. He doesn't keep it on the pick of mountain. As a matter of fact, the fate of Oedipus spares him from unavoidable passing. The shepherd offers Oedipus to another shepherd who is the individual from another realm. He takes it and demonstrates him to his lord.

The lord has no kid so he turns out to be extremely glad to get Oedipus. He and his better half accept incredible consideration as their youngster. Bit by bit Oedipus becomes cultivator step by step. After certain years after the fact when Oedipus is youthful enough, one day he gets notification from another celestial prophet that he will kill his dad and wed his mom. Around then he doesn't have a clue about his genuine character, he imagines that Polybus is his dad. So he wouldn't like to slaughter his dad and wed his mom.

Around then he leaves the nation to dispose of the more regrettable work. He comes back to his own nation however he doesn't realize that it is his own nation. It is the making of predetermination. Oedipus strolls along the street and goes towards his nation. Out of nowhere his dad, alongside his fastens is additionally going ahead the street from his contrary site. Around then just for a basic issue a significant issue has been made. Oedipus has murdered his dad lord Laius and his fastens just for a basic issue. In this way, here the first foresee has gotten valid and the destiny has won and vanquished the difficult of a man. The individuals of that realm have heard that the ruler has been executed by certain looters.


The present study describes the destiny in Oedipus Rex, it is accepted by numerous pundits that the character of Oedipus isn't genuine however a legendary one. Greek individuals were adherents of legends and they used to consider them not anecdotal but rather the genuine accounts of their divine beings and individuals. Fundamentally the word fantasy is authored from Greek word mythos. It is multidimensional word, here and there it has been converted into English as 'story' or 'discourse”. Furthermore, here and there it additionally can be utilized as an extended term for stories which are associated with the divine beings and furthermore with the connections of humanity with divine beings. Legends are stories which are moved from one age to another age by the expressions of mouth yet in addition can be spread by the written words or in the melodic structure. The topic of legends fluctuates additionally from country to country yet generally they are identified with the normal marvel and the common occasions and their reality likewise is primary piece of fantasies.

Destiny can be characterized as a wonder that there is a common force that is otherworldly which predetermines the occasions of human life and even it likewise can fix the day of death. Individuals who have conviction on God accept on destiny, which is unchangeable and unescapable, so whatever avoidances and alerts would be taken it will be looked by people. As Greek individuals were a lot of passivists that is the reason they accepted that human life is heavily influenced by destiny and all humans are just manikins in the possession of predetermination. The destiny which is called by them as Moira, is viewed as leader of human fate. It is their firm conviction that it is generally fierce and alarming certainty of the existence that there will never be a way out from destiny. It is amazing to such an extent that occasionally divine beings additionally were vulnerable against the destiny. Despite the fact that they knew about their destiny however couldn't transform it (Articles and considering on the idea of Fate for the antiquated Greeks).

So it was wild and heavenly wonder for Greeks. As in Oedipus Rex, Prophet plainly concedes that it is difficult to defeat upon destiny, so by articulating' what will be, will be', he drops his weapons and completely depend on the preference of destiny. As per Greek way of thinking, people get their destiny in their legacy and it is foreordained thing However, the idea of destinies in Greek Philosophy is a lot of ambiguous. In Hesiod's Theogony, destinies have been introduced in beginning as little girls of Night. She bore Atropos, Clotho, and Lachesis, yet by perusing entire sonnet we come to realize that they are credited to Zeus and Themis (Roman, Luke, and Roman, 1999). In any case, subsequent choice is broadly adequate on the planet that Themis was the goddess of the need and she brought forth her three little girls to be specific Klottho, Lakhesis and last one was Atropos. They by and large are called destinies. Klotho needed to develop the turn of human life, which was utilized to quantify by her second sister Lakhesis with the assistance of her estimating bar and was at long last cut by the third one called Atropos Presently the time has come to return to the appropriate response of our first inquiry. As writing is the impression old enough, so Sophocles additionally had been pulled in by the topic of destiny utilized by different scholars in his age.

By depicting representation of destiny in plays, he made them sad. He is incredible author of disaster in all ages, his deplorable play Oedipus Rex is his perfect work of art about job of destiny in human life. In this play ruler Oedipus is the hero, who is misled by his kismet. Along these lines he turned into a bolt according to destiny. So as to keep away from the destiny, when Oedipus was conceived, Luis and Jocasta chose to execute the recently conceived infant. Along these lines, they gave their child to the Shepard of Thebes for murdering. In any case, here destiny made a move and Shepard indicated his leniency upon him and he offered infant to the second Shepard who had a place with the Corinth. The subsequent Shepard gave this child to the lord of Corinth Polybius as he was fruitless.

In the association of destiny, there is an appalling blemish and pride which lead Oedipus toward the section conditions. In such a significant number of spots in the play his pride has been uncovered by Sophocles. Essentially the idea of deplorable imperfection has been talked about by Aristotle in his Poetics. As per him the best fitting legend is the one, who has characteristics of an extraordinary man yet because of the component of critical blunder, he will endure and settle on such choices which will lead him toward his destruction (Peter, 2003). So these characteristics can likewise be found in the character of Oedipus. In the start of the play the character of Oedipus has been appeared as a perfect grievous legend. So as to spare his kin, he attempts his best and yet his character shows that he is really battling against himself. He begins scan for the reviled contaminated thing which has become the primary driver of obliteration of the city. So as to spare his pride and fame in Thebes, he turns out to be particularly baffle individual. His discourse with Prophet Tiresias uncovers that he is the real enemy of his dad yet because of heartbreaking defect he doesn't quit looking until he finds the truth.

This as well as in the subsequent scene, when Oedipus faults on Creon about connivance against his realm he doesn't think about the expressions of Prophet yet against of this, he put faults on the Creon and Prophet. As a result of his resentment and pride, he calls Prophet as visually impaired and brings out him to leave the feline alone out of the confine. As the play pushes ahead we come to realize that because of pride and his own unrestrained choice, Oedipus has committed error so often before. At the point when he meets with individuals where three streets meet, because of pride he doesn't give any consideration on their orders and starts battling with them and in the last executes them (830-840).

At the point when he tackles the conundrum of Sphinx, he gets sovereign as a blessing, yet he disregards her age. It is conceivable that she might be his mom since she is as old as his mom can be. At the point when Shepherd uncovers that he isn't initially from Corinth, he is by all accounts stunned and again begins an examination, so as to know the truth. His interest for self-recognizable proof doesn't let him to go a long way from the real world. Being a self-determent individual he dismisses even his darling spouse Jocasta, who attempts to prevent him from the inquisitive statistical data points about his existence since she knows all. In the last, when Shephard of Thebes will not uncover reality, Oedipus mishandles him and even he puts effect on him to come clean. So the appropriate response can be deduced along these lines that it was his self-examination about himself which drives him toward his own defeat. On the off chance that he didn't explore anything, at that point he would not be ousted from Thebes and may be living with his beloveds.


The result of this study has shown that, Destiny is pre-decided and unchangeable. Individuals can't deny it is possible that they concur with it or not. As Oedipus' destiny was at that point composed so how might he deny it? In the event that something is written in our destiny it will happen like in Oedipus Rex. At the point when destiny is pre-predominant than everything bolster it deliberately or unknowingly. Nature, our cognizant, episodes and man himself help destiny and afterward whatever is written in our destiny turns out to be genuine in light of the fact that 'what will be, will be'. Alongside the job of destiny, it appears to be obviously in the play that there is a type of defects in the character of Oedipus which help him in the satisfaction of his appalling destiny. He notwithstanding being wise couldn't unravel his own enigma as Prophet prods him that why he doesn't right his own slip-up as he is a lot of astute in the conundrum tackling. So, on the off chance that we expel the appalling defect from his character, it will just show the defenselessness of mankind against the divine beings.


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